Hey third and ten!!!

Remember this post???

Hey, DeAngelis couldn't even make the Alouettes roster when all we had was Kellet (who can't kick any further than 35 yards) and Mariscal (who cannons the ball anywhere but between the uprights).

What do you think of DeAngelis now????? :smiley: :smiley:

Stamps have the Midas touch with kickers. I'm too far away to watch the games, but this guy just doesn't miss. And golly, he's got distance!

Eskylo, I do remember that. And I must really admit I am impressed by him. This is good for you. And this is very good for players who get cut when trying out with a team. This shows one can always improve and find a way back to the beautiful CFL.

Stamps have the midas touch with kickers but...

If i remember correctly Calgary cut Anwar Steward and look how good he play in Montreal

I'm pretty sure it was during our Reign of Error that we cut Stewart ... any cuts during the Feterik years shouldn't count :stuck_out_tongue: Stewart was a good player, and I think everyone knew that, but of course we had to dump him ... I'm not at all surprised to see him doing well in Montreal. Thank God we sent him to an Eastern Div team, else it would be biting us in the ass ...

DeAngelas Kicking: His accuracy and distance is impressive!

LMAO Reign of Error, very fitting.

Stewart wasn't cut. He was put on practice roster, and Jim Popp snatched him. Still a big mistake from the Stamps, if you ask me... I wonder what number would be on my Als jersey had you not made that mistake.

Oh, OK, my bad ... still amounts to more or less the same thing, though ...

Welcome to the CFL! Every team has players that have flourished on their roster after being cut from another. Its life in the Canadian game. Bomber o-line stunk, now we’re starting Feugill, things are looking up. DeAngelis, Stewart, and prolly many more out there that I just don’t know about.