Hey, the Rogers curse still works

I put a curse on any sports franchise that is owned in whole or in part by Rogers (Jays, Leafs, Raptors and TFC). I am a REDBLACKS fan, but I wish every success for the Argos, just not against my team. I am glad it is still working!!! :lol: :lol:

I prefer to call it The Ghosts Of Argonauts Past Curse. The disrespect they have had for years in Toronto by Rogers and their Jays and TFC and it's fans has Karma hitting big time. Jays two years in a row and now with TFC. Seattle doesn't get one shot on net the whole game but wins in the shootout. That right there is Heart Wrenching Karma laid down on the Red Faced Boys. Perhaps a little class and respect shown to the oldest profession sports franchise in North America will turn things around for those teams but I doubt that they will show any Pinball type class.
The TO media makes me vomit as well going all gaga over upstarts like TFC that have still won squat while having too many @SShat fans.

So TFC fans was it the pitch? hahaha.