Hey Sask Fans.

You can't buy crop insurance on the Grey Cup you have to fight for it. No government bailouts will get to western final.

If you want the big wins your team needs to come out fight hard for it cause no one is going to give it to you. I have never seen a Riders team in the last 10 or 15 years that have played with the reckless, crazed, rip the other guys arm off and beat him with it emotion that is needed to win the grey cup let alone get to it. Maybe the media in Sask breeds content? Who knows, but whining about getting into a street brawl with the Leos and having your coach and GM cry foul isn't going to instill any passion now is it?

Wally sure knows how to get that emotion out of his players while rarely having them cross the line. Look at last year's grey cup when they were ready to brawl during the player intros. Look at last night.

You can call Murphy and Rasoulli dirty, you can call them unfair, or mean, or whatever you want. I call them well coached warriors who elevate the whole team and help us win the big games.

Tillman has a long road ahead of him if he wants his team to emulate the success of the BC Lions.

Rasoulli a "well-coached warrior"?????? are you serious???
This guy is out of control on the field... its the second time he has put the Lions out of FG range because of an idiot play like that after the whistle. This one almost cost you guys the game, the other one did...
how is that well-coached?

I met Tillman in 94 and hes not a brawl mentallity type of guy if you get my point. But I think you need that once in a while remember the rivalry between Winnipeg and BC in the early to mid 80s

I don't think you need to have players playing wreckless to win a Grey Cup. If anything I think Rasouli cost them a field goal attempt in a real close game.

Obviously there's going to be some rough stuff between the O and D lines on the field, but maybe it's just me but it doesn't need to carry over once the plays done.

I agree. I was pissed when Rassouli took a stupid penalty, taking us out of field goal range in Calgary.

Well it will eventually catch up to that particular player. They better hope it is not during an important game. It could be costly.

Nah you just appeal the suspension, and when the league holds it up, you wait til right before the next game and appeal to the independent arbitrator, who will likely be a Lions season ticket holder, maybe even RLR, and they'll over turn it at the last second :slight_smile:

Hmm where have I seen that movie before.

Hey, don’t get me involved in the suspension! I just said that I’d offer to pay for Sherko’s impending fine, along with many other Lions fans I know.

I was trying to be sarcastic, I have no doubts that a Lions fan would definately not be the arbitrator unless the leagues want to make itself look worse.

Hey Swerving Mervin- It is very easy for the Lions fans to always bash the Riders. I remember the year that our club had to send several thousands of dollars to you club just to keep you in the league. How many million live in your province. Yet you have the audacity to be smart asses about us getting bailouts from the government. What is your average crowd in your huge province? I would be embarassed to give the attendance.

Not bad considering there is more to do in Vancouver than watch wheat grow.

We have to compete for the dollar with the Canucks as well as every other bit of inside/outside entertainment, which is pretty hard when you live in god's country (BC).

The NFL is also only a short drive away, so we lose quite a few of the big spenders to them (Seahawks fans).

Remember not to include the first BC home game, it was a pre-season game. Those don't count when you look at average attendance.

What is your response top the fact that we had to bail you out? We have had to do this many times in the past with other teams as well. We send them money to keep them alive, then they pay players way more money than we can afford so they can beat us.

Payback's a bitch, ain't it Tillman...Focus on your own team and their problems. The Lions already have enough admirers.

That was like what? In the 70s? Get over it.

Whatever you gave us is offset by the TV and ad money you have had since 1954 when the Lions joined the league.

What kind of revenue do you think would come from advertising and TV without BC, Montreal, and Toronto in the league? Not much. As far as the bailout goes, if that didn't happen you would have zero, because the league would have folded if the Lions went down.

You can't base a league off a town with 200,000 people, no matter how rabid the fans.

I don't know what the hell you are talking about .. we spend more money. Do you have any understanding of the league? Do you know what a salary cap is?

Do you realize the Riders have higher attendance, pay less for the venue, and get the exact same amount from TV and ad revenue? The financial field is level. It's not our fault that your management is awful and can't bring in good players.

retrievil > Lions were bailed out in both the 80's and 90's so it's not that long ago. Also, those bailouts led directly to the Riders and Bombers going into debt big time. And who came to save them when they were in trouble? Oh yeah, no one but their own fans. The fact is that until the last couple of years, there was no real accountability or salary cap.

All the teams are important to the CFL.

Retri, Retri, this is the first year of the salary cap. He wasn't talking about this year. I have seen some argue that the Riders and Bombers are in the top two of their divisions because of the cap. I don't buy that myself, as I think it takes more than a year for the impact of a salary cap to make a level playing field.

By the way, I don't think anyone is arguing that we are not stronger together - it is an interdependent relationship. I think that any one team folds now that we are down to eight and the league folds.

Big U, same wavelength, same time, space continuum ... scary!!