Hey! ro1313!!


Happy birthday you action point loving mod.

Don't be so hard on him becase he has an open mind. I'll bet the Tom wright chages the rules, THEN WE'LL ALL BE AP LOVERS!!!!! MHAHAHAHA!!!!

and besides, this isn't the place for that.

Happy Brithday Ro!

.....it was all roughy's idea.....

Happy Birthday ro1313,

Roughy, you forgot Conservative right winger as well!

My b-day on a lucky Friday the 13TH

Commom Super 7


Ro is a liberail though and though.

O tanjoobi omedato gozimasu! moichido Ro-san!

hey that IS lucky! cool smiley! are they dancing to techno music? 2 Unlimated? Ian Van Dahl?

........harikari godzilla kenichiwa........

I was born on a Friday as well

more days to party on then, eh?

......HAPPY BIRTHDAY...ro1313....don't know how old you are .....but I hope the future years are kind to you......hmmmmmm is this Fri. THE 13TH. ? seeing as you have a couple of 13's in your handle I would say you are not superstitious...sooo .... have a good one... :slight_smile:

Alright Ro, somebody has to ask this question and it may as well be me, the nut of the site.

How old are you?

to help you out if your uneasy about you age, I’ll say mine. I’ll be the big 21 on February 19th.

.....it's okay, 1313.....I'll keep the fact that you're turning 93 safe and sound.....

Born Friday Jan 13th 1961
The 13th month of the sixties.
13 is my favorite number


Since when does 1961+39=2006?

you may want to grab a calculator Kanga for that one.

.....it's more like the 6th anniversary of his 39th birthday, Kanga.....

:oops: let me try it again, jm02, you said 93 so I just fixed the numbers, oh well only off by 6. :oops:

he's the big 45!

well, he is younger than my parents, who will be 50 and 54 in march.