Hey ro, can you get the video?

Can you get the video of Maas fumbling the ball in the 4th? The refs just overturned the call and gave it back to Hamilton, but I wouldn't mind discussing it.

...whats to discuss?...the ball was picked up by the Hamilton lineman and he was down by contact...

I agree with RedandWhite, they made the right call on the play. Maas fumbled it, the offensive lineman picked it up, tried to lateral it to a teammate but his knee was down.

Well, the only thing I was wondering is would the Cat lineman have to survive the contact? I’m guessing he didn’t.

The video is uploading, If anyone doesnt want to discuss it......dont discuss it.

The lineman did not have to survive contact because it was a fumble, not a pass.

The video is served!


Thanks for posting it... and what is with Suiter? That guy just doesn't shut up. Doesn't matter if the refs are trying to say something. I'm beginning to think he just likes to hear himself talk. :lol:

At any rate, the other thing I was wondering about is whether or not the lineman was actually trying to toss the ball to another player before he hit the ground. But looking at the replays again, it looks like that was more the ground cause the ball to fly out.

Ya got a point chief, one hand on the ball doesn’t mean you have control, plus he was tossing the pig skin…the Bombers will be ready for the Cats next time…

So what are you saying, that a guy carrying the ball in one hand doesn't have control of it? That a one-handed catch is actually an incompletion? The fact is that he didn't lose control of the ball until his knee was down. He was obviously trying to pitch it out, but he was already down by contact.

The eventual call was the correct one.

Let me clarify what I meant before people start misinterpreting. :lol:

When I first saw the play I wasn't sure if the player having control of the ball or not would have any impact on the call. When I saw it on TV it looked like the player turned and tossed the ball, so I thought maybe it could have gone to Winnipeg.

However, after I watched the replay, it didn't look like the player was tossing the ball; it looked like it was more the ground that knocked it out, but he was already done when the ball went flying, so it was Hamilton's ball.

Right; but even if he was tossing the ball (which I believe he was) Hamilton would still retain possession, since he still had the ball in his hand when his knee touched the ground.

I tell you I was mighty confused by that play. Until the review was over, they didn't explain what had happened, and I thought it was ruled a pass caught by a lineman. I wasn't even sure what exactly the Cats were challenging, though most around me seemed to. By the time I looked to the screen to see what had happened, the challenge had been thrown and they couldn't show the replay. So there I sat in a state of confusion.

The funniest thing about it is how the ball kind of sits on his head for a second before falling into his hands. :lol: