Hey rider fans

That’s cool, I’m just Jivin with you Chief.

Can you believe the bumb couldn't even throw for 500 yards against the so called best D in the league. Only 499. You're right, worst starter in the league by far. Riders have to go after Lulay or it's lights out. :roll: :roll:

apparently, you missed the whole point. At no time did I say he was the worst, only that his stats were not good. My point was simply to counter some fans claims that he is no 1 in the league. He is not. He is no 3 at best, and thats not bad. Yardage is a low value stat as a lot of it can be yac yards. Completion percentage was better today, but still not quite as good as Burris.

OTOH, most of his long passes looked pretty good. Lets see if he can keep it up.

Darian’s had a couple of bad games, but I attribute that to the horrible pass protection he’s had. I think he’s handled the imense pressure quite well should for a young guy. I think he’ll be just fine.

By the way, I think you have more to worry about in your own house. Because guess who has (almost) the worst record in the league??? :cowboy: :twisted: :rockin:

yup. He played like a solid no 3 qb in the league who may be no 1 in a few yrs.

Riders are my no 2 team and I like DD, but it just irks me when overzealous rider fans try to proclaim him no 1 already, He has a ways to go yet.

Now that Prechae is gone, DD has remembered that Fantuz and Dressler are on his team.

Point well taken. But you have to admit he had a heck of a good game tonight. What a second Half! 18/23 and 320 yards. Impressive.

that I do 8)

Saskatchewna 7-4.
BC 3-7.

Good for you on that pass rating thing though. :lol:

…OR did the stamps DBs make him look good?..

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :lol: :lol: :lol:

(Chief, did you see what I did there?)

I didn't give you permission to use my smiley...