Hey rider fans

guess which starting QB has the lowest passer rating of all 8 teams, as well as a couple of backups. :wink: :twisted: 8)

not to mention that only printers has a lower pass completion percentage. :cowboy:

Go order a clubhouse sandwich

Its Taman’s and Hopson’s fault :roll: :lol:

careful now! this is the future and the now of the CFL you are talking about! the next doug flutie! havnt you heard? someone even made a thread about it.

To paraphrase a wise man, passer ratings are for losers :wink:

:lol: :lol:

You are absolutely correct... teams with bad passer ratings lose and frequently! Just ask the Lions and now the Riders...

and i guess since its a rider... also future hall of famers!

or is that, future hall of farmers :slight_smile:

lol! the trophy is a john dere with a football being pulled behind it!

They keep the trophy at the Saskatoon Farmer's hall.

They keep the trophy at the Saskatoon Farmer's hall.

Hey canadianhothead, you spelled "Deere" wrong in John Deere.

Way to live up to the steretypes of Lions fans. Trolling about other teams.

But it's all good, cuz at least we're in 2nd place in the west.

This would be more meaningful if you spelled stereotypes correctly :lol:

funny how fans of a team that is worse than ours is trying to make a thread that makes fun of us..

jee last I saw the Lions were 3-7.. are they not?

Just wondering if anyone knows, who has the most passing yards in the league after game 10?

Who has the most INTs...?

well i'm not going to defend Durant or the Riders right now.

i know what's going on today.

Umm Chief; Where did you get that smilie? or should I say emoticons.
I think the MOD'S need more thought control; so us other posters can have options too! 8)


I have my own collection. :smiley: