Hey, Rider fans in BC.....

If you're a Rider fan in BC you've likely been hearing a lot of Lions coverage on the TEAM 1040 - rightfully so. Arland Bruce called for an 18-0 season and not too many eyebrows went up. Many sports guys here are saying easily, a 15-16 win season for the Lions. Hey, they're good but once Geroy breaks the record, likely Friday, and they go 5-0 to start, the arrogance meter will spike. And that's where the Riders come in! We've always been a Lion killer late in the season and although this season will have few moments of joy, I still think we'll get our licks in once or twice. Would be nice to bring the Lions down to size.

And they did on Saturday. Nice win!

Anytime we beat the Leos it is great to be a Sask fan in BC.

Heck........it is ALWAYS great to be a Sask fan in BC. There are lots of us out here so usually can talk about a Riders game out here anytime.

Lot's of "0-5 last year and we did just fine, 2-2 no big deal".

I am constantly being reminded of last year's Rider team, but hey......looking like anyone's time this year.