[i]Hey Reinbold! Make sure you get the tape of the Esks VS Ticats game. THAT is how you shut down Burris and the Ticats' offence. Get the game tape, watch it several times AND LEARN!!!!!!!!

Unfluckrin beleivable! Edmonton cleans out the Ticats. Kerry Joseph, KERRY JOSEPH looked great against the Ticat defence. Calvillo (and Trestman), yous also gotta watch that game. it is time to pull your heads out of your arse!!!!!!!!![/i]

Dear Johnny,

Breathe. The Eskimos are 6-8. Come Monday, we will likely be 9-5.

I think the Als coaching staff are smart enough to throw different plays and formations at the Tabbies in the playoffs, should the latter be so lucky to advance.

But maybe I'm mistaken, and it's your post that finally awakens the Als coaches to their wrongs. :wink: