Hey red&white05

This is becoming a habit this season....wth.....I told ya so.

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btw, didnt we have some kind of bet about the bombers D being top 3 in the league this year, you will have to refresh me on what was at stake again.

Piggy! I believe the story goes like this. If your teams wins the Grey Cup I eat crow pie! If your team does not make it their you and dad have to eat crow once again! By the way the back to back with the riders will be a split! I would not have picked that in May as you know.

....seems to me i remember a guy from cowtown saying that Albert Johnson 111 was all washed-up......hmmmmmmm i wonder who that someone could be, son.....if he's all burnt-out and too injured to ever re-gain form....then i'll have a few more just like Flight...he's got some miles left i believe.....and i can hear a song in the back-ground my son.....four and twenty blackbirds baked in a ......well you know the rest...we'll have that ready for you pretty soon......lol :lol: :lol:

I also said that AJ3 wasn't living up to the hype, I'm taking that back now.

still think the Kickoff returner should get more protectiong by going back to the old rule.

Dad I know you love that song! Last year when you ate that crow pie you sang for hours! Flight is a has been! He misses more flights then he can take off on. :lol:

By the way one game does not make him good! :lol:

Johnson, who rejoined the Blue & Gold this past off-season as a free agent, currently leads the CFL in combined yardage (1,244), punt returns (53) and punt return yard age (492). He is also among the league leaders in kickoff returns (29) and kickoff return yardage (632).

I guess you missed that part.

yes I missed that and so what is the point.
You may have better blockers on the returns not many including Air Johnson has not done great this year on returns. Maybe he should upgrade from that elastic driven plane to a jet engine.