Hey Ray ! Get our coach's contract done !

Reading at the situation the Saints are in. I think it would be wise for the Als to reward our Coach with a new long term deal. With AC at the twilight of his run. I can't think of something more important right now for the long term health of our team.

I understand what you're saying, but I think Trestman may ultimately have his eyes on a larger prize. With AC's accomplishments under Trestman's watch, he no doubt has garnered some notoriety south of the border. So (sigh!) although it would be nice to have him as the HC for the foreseeable future, I don't think he'll be around for the long term.

Agreed that we need to get Trestman re-upped as soon as possible. Hopefully the contract is already done and is just sitting in Lalonde's drawer waiting to be unveiled at the right time.

He's going into his fourth season, why would he not be here for another four ? Even if you sign him to a contract where he can explore his opportunities in the NFL at least if he coaches in the CFL it is in Montreal. How many CFL teams would go after him if he was a "FA" at the end of the season with coaching changes happening en masse every off season in this league.

If Huffnagel is willing to be a franchise coach in the CFL what's to say Marc is not interested. Something to be said to be making 400k to 500k and having most of six months off to be with your family. That is unheard of anywhere else in Football. Even CIS coaches are expected on campus every day.

It is definitely a situation that has to be resolved before the season starts. Every time the Als should lose a game, Herb will have "lame duck coach" in his lead paragraph.

But Im sure Trestman is going through a real dilemma. He loves the Als and the CFL, but his ultimate ambition is to be an NFL head coach before his time passes by. And you cant really blame him for that.

I don`t think money would be the hangup in a new contract, but perhaps an out clause that would allow him NFL head coach interviews should they come up after the season. Popp has that agreement with Wetenhall, so how do you justify not giving it to Trestman.

Personnally, I think that Marc has signed or agreed to an extension of 2 to 3 years. Will/should be announced at the appropriate time. I definitely don't worry.


Actually, he's going into his fifth season as our head coach (he was HC in 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011).

Well Bob Wettenhaul owes everything about his football team to Jim but I don’t have a problem with the clause, how much is that clause worth? That is a good question. As what is in Marc’s head. I have no idea. When I read his book, in part it certainly had a “resume” feel to it and the fact that he has interviewed kind of confirms that there is interest on his part but I think only if the circumstances are “perfect” In his book he talks about leaving Jimmy Johnson in Florida to take an assistant job in his home town of Minesota I won’t go into details but things didn’t work out great for him in the end Jimmy Johnson ended up in Dallas and took his staff with him. There are a number of decisions that Marc made that looking back I think he wished he’d have been more patient, so unless he gets full control of a top notch organization with everything in place to be successful I highly doubt that he would leave a great situation with the Alouettes to go roll in the mud for a couple years and take five years off his life. I think if Marc leaves it will be because he’s being given full reign to an organization he can win a Superbowl with.

That would be great news. Would have prefered five years like Huf signed but 3 years would be great.

If Trestman ever does leave (now or in the future) to become head coach of an NFL team, that team will automatically become my favorite NFL franchise.

Well good luck to you. I followed the Bill's when Marv went over there and they broke my heart over and over again. :cry:

LOL, hope Marc has more success than Marv. But mostly I hope he goes to a stable situation, not a three-ring circus like Oakland or a perennial clustereff like Washington.

That same urgency should also apply to General Manager Jim Popp who came close to getting the NFL job in Indianapolis...

I thought Popp had already extended? My memory ain’t what it used to be. I’m sure Popp has an NFL out clause in his contract, regardless.

Jim just signed a new 3 year deal in 2011. I don’t know that Jim would go and work for any other CFL team. Maybe if the Ottawa group offered him a stake in the team but not sure that’s a good way to enter the league. I can’t see it. He lives in North Carolina, he would have zero interest going to any of the Western teams. Not a chance in the world of him going to Hamilton. Braley would not interfere with Bob Wetenhaul’s business… He’s turned down Head scouting/player personnel jobs in the NFL already. Aside from a GM position with a top notch NFL team. I can’t see him leaving, He’s been making great money in Montreal for 15 years. He’s plenty wealthy already…

You mention top notch NFL team -- certainly these days that is not the Indianapolis Colts. Perhaps it was best for Jim Popp NOT to get the job in Indy...

My only comment here is that where most American players and coaches are concerned, I feel confident that they would jump at the chance to make it in the NFL, provided the circumstances (and the contracts!) were right - we can't begrudge them that. Wouldn't it be nice if football really caught on here the way it has in the USA? Playing football in Canada would then be more attractive to American players... Well I can dream, can't I?

I think that what you are saying is that IF football were hockey then...

Jim Popp contract.

On August 4,2010 "Montreal Alouettes owner Robert Wetenhall announced that Jim Popp had signed an extension with the Alouettes through the 2014 season"

I expect that Marc Trestman has/will extend at least through the 2014 season. I would not be surprised if the announcement does not come before beginning of 2012 training camp.

As I wrote earlier, I don't worry; he has/will extend.


Je crois que nous devrons nous résigner à vivre avec le spectre que soit Popp ou Tretman parte un de ces entre-saisons. Seulement, je ne crois pas que ni l'un ni l'autre ne partira sans avoir une certaine assurance d'avoir les moyens et les ressources (ce qui comprend les joueurs) pour avoir un certain succès. Venant d'ailleurs de la NFL, leurs décisions serait plus volontiers remises en question par le public et les commentateurs, ce qui fait que leur marge de manoeuvre sera plus mince que pour d'autres candidats aux mêmes postes. Se lancer dans l'aventure de la NFL, ça peut être un tremplin qui nous projette à l'échelon salarial supérieur, mais ça peut être celui qui nous fait tomber dans une piscine vide. Quelques décisions controversées, quelques blessures, un succès mitigé, et vous êtes disparus des radars. Si Popp ou Trestman accepte un nouveau poste dans la NFL, ce sera un poste où il y aura une réelle opportunité, avec une bonne organisation où il y a des chances réelles de succès.