HEY Printers how about you take some pointers...

While I understand the reason why the Cats could ask him to take a pay cut, I don't blame ANY player for not wanting to take one. How often do you see a team come to someone in the middle of a contract and say "You had a really great year, I think we'll pay you more now." Doesn't happen often if at all. Because of that I don't blame them for saying no to a pay cut.

What if Casey does win the number 1 spot? Boy, will there be a lot of belly aching around this forum :lol: . MB has already decided that he’s going to bring in “his guy” anyway. Should Casey volunteer for a pay cut? If the Cats make an offer, he might want to accept it. I’ll tell you right now Simpson didn’t walk into Mike Kelly’s office and say “hey, I would like to take a paycut.” They proposed it and he accepted because it was his best option. It wasn’t altruism. Let’s all just see what Casey does in camp and how he reacts if he’s asked to take a pay cut. This is just another example of people bashing Casey for things that they perceive he would do, or think. Nothing’s happened yet. Let’s just relax.

Actually, contract 'extensions' with financial enhancements happen in all sports quite often before the term of a deal is up (thus a contract extension).

Also, what ticks me off...is if a player has a good year, they holdout for more cash. If they are willing to hold out for more cash for a good year, they should accept the proposal of a pay cut after a bad year.