HEY Printers how about you take some pointers...


If Simpson is willing to take a pay cut after losing his starting job to INJURY, maybe our Overrated, under producing QB that lost his starting job to weak Injuries but more so lack of production. Could take a hint and axe his contract by at least half if not three quarters.

With the resent salary cap staying the same as last season's, maybe Casey can take one for the team and give up a chunk of his contract.

Just A Thought...

Whats your opinion?

My opinion is I hope Porter's been training real hard in the off season. Fight for the job, Quinton!

I agree.

Casey needs to take a pay cut. We can use the money we save to get some linemen (o or d, you choose!).

I don't see Casey as the starter this year. I just don't. What Porter has show is that he can read defenses well enough and get the ball out of his hand that with a bit of an upgrade on the oline, we are going to be winning games this year.

I say we just cut him now and pick up an experience back up, like a Crandall, for cheap.

I guess Casey isn't as close to sainthood as Rev. Barrin is. :oops: :smiley:

You know how rare it is for an athlete
to voluntarily accept a cut in pay

let alone to ask to be given
a cut in pay, don't you, GBonds?

Besides, their situations are completely different.

#1, Barrin's career is much closer to the end than Casey's is.

Barrin knows that the handwriting is on the wall.

He has likely been told that a CFL all star
or an outstanding 2nd year Canadian

will be playing the 1st string MLB position he had.

Casey has been told he will find out whether
he will be the Cats # 1 QB job after Training Camp


Why would he initiate discussions to reduce his own pay now?

He already knows Obie said he will have to accept less pay
if he doesn't win the # 1 QB coming out of training Camp.

Lets assume Casey DOESN'T win the #1 spot; perhaps, he doesn't even win the #2 spot, should he continue to receive a half million dollars per season.

The obvious answer here is that Obilovich will look for a way to dump his contract. If Casey sees in training camp that he isn't performing as well as his competition, this would be a good time for him to "take one for the team" and accept less money; a lot less money.

I think Ron is right, however, and he isn't likely to do this, he'll just wait to be traded or canned. Canning him I believe, would stick the team with another year of Casey's contract. The fight for number one QB should be an interesting, competitive one.

In the interest of the team, the best thing that could happen is for Casey to re-assume his number one spot,; contract in tact. Personally, I don't think he'll do this.

I would wonder too; whats going through Obie's mind regarding this situation. He could sure use all or part of Casey's contract money to bring in some decent linemen.

Printers played himself out of #1 spot IMHO he has to play than Porter in camp or He,s cut. which is what will happen, he will landin Sask or montreal.

CFL contracts are not guaranteed. If Casey is cut before the deadline around Labour Day, he won't be owed anything and the team won't be stuck with it.

There's no reason for him to volunteer to take a reduction now. He'll try to be #1 after camp and keep his pay cheque at the current level. If he loses out as #1, Obie will cut or trade him if he doesn't take a reduction to second-string level salary. If he gets traded, it will be as a second-stringer with appropriate pay for that position at a new team. If he refuses that, he'll be cut and get nothing.

Personally, I hope he plays great in camp and battles hard to retain the starter position. I hope Porter and any others in camp compete hard too. That way, we get the best QB possible whoever wins it. If it's Casey, I'll be rooting for him to have a spectacular rebound season. If it's Quinton, I'll root for him too.

I remember reading on one of the sites that Casey’d contract was heavily front end loaded because Hamilton had more cap space the year they signed him. So maybe his contract this year isn’t as far out of line. Of course if he doesn’t perform better he won’t be around to collect.
I’m sure Obie and his brain trust are evaluating what their team would look like with or without Printers this year. Do they trade him in the off season or keep him until at least after training camp. Its a gamble either way.

I don't know about contracts and that but if he is given a dose of some attitude adjustment, CP is sill one heck of a qb for our team. He isn't that much of a prima donna or flake IMHO. And obviously has a lot of talent.

CP is what he is.

The CFL is a wonderful league, and one of the neat things is the non-guaranteed contract.

If Barrin Simpson did not renegotiate he would have likely been cut.
If Casey Printers does not renegotiate he will likely be cut.
His contract was front loaded, but it is still far too rich for the Cats.
He is not the run-away starter and with the dollars of his contract he would need to be.

I'd like to see if Porter really is the saviour before pulling the plug on CP. Remember each of our "top" 3 QBs won 1 game apiece last season.

If Obie is smart, he'll tell Printers his contract needs to be renegotiated. No ifs, ands, or buts. That extra money could help the Cats surround Printers with the kind of players who will help him succeed.

If he refuses, dump him. I know the Cats have had lots of problems, but Printers hasn't even been close to value for that ridiculous contract.

Great post.

Your QB's appear to be in very good standing now that Khari Jones has been hired as a QB coach.
Hey who knows maybe this will result in the coming our party for Casey?

True in most cases but not all. Even if the contract wasn't guaranteed there could be a no trade clause, buyout clause... Casey isn't costing the Ticats a dime more then stipend till the end of camp. So why the rush? Porter could stink it up, he could get injured, hell he could get in a motorcycle accident without a helmet before camp even starts. I agree with Ron. Let the man compete through camp and if he fails to win his #1 spot then he will have the option to renegotiate his contract and the Ticats will have the option to release him. At least he won't be able to walk in to camp of an eastern team...

Sports is a business. Why should he take a paycut? He was given that money up front. If the team wants to cut or trade him thats their choice, but why would he offer to re-negotiate with a losing team?

Sorry guys it sounds like sour grapes to me. Simpson realizes that Moreno comes cheaper so he is willing to renegotiate... completely different situation. If I was CP, id take the money.

Why should he take a pay cut? His contract was negotiated in good faith and this is part of the risk of sports. Now as said before if the team wants to trqade or cut him that is their choice to make. But Casey shouldn't be forced to redo his contract. That contract is what the team was willing to pay to get him to come here.

If Printers checks he will see that Porter also comes cheaply.
Printers has to realize that he is not worth $400,000.
If he renegotiates the fans will lighten up on him and he has a very good chance to start for the team.

I do not see any way where Casey stays here with the bucks he is owed.
I would even be suprised if he made it to camp.
If the Cats are to cut Printers and his salary it needs to be done while there are FA to spend the money on!

IMO, blackandgld, the only way you won't see
Casey Printers at Ticat Training Camp this Spring

is if the starting QB on some other CFL team
cuts his thumb off during the off season

and they offer us a their starting OT
and a starting D-lineman in a trade.

Obie has said that he will be competing
for the # 1 at Training Camp this year.

I would think Obie wants to see Casey perform with this new offensive strategy that Mike Gibson wants to implement...and also with an improved (I hope) O-line.
Personally I think Quinton Porter will fit better but it would probably be more prudent to check Casey out with the 2009 version of this team before they cut or trade him. Obie may bring in other QB's to training camp so we need to see how they stack up against Casey.
I suspect events over the next 4 months will keep things hopping on this forum. :smiley: