Hey Peter,,,,it's Bruce...we need to talk!

In light of Obie's less than adequate explanation (at least by my standards) of the Zeke trade, I thought some of you might find this funny.

To me, this makes as much sense.

The Date: August 9th, 1988
*Bruce McNall dials Peter Pockington's number.
**Ring Ring!

Peter Pockington: Hello?

Bruce McNall: Hey Peter, how are you today?

Peter: Not bad, you?

Bruce: Well, not good. You know that 15 million I promised you as part of the Gretzky trade?

Peter: Yeah....what's the problem?

Bruce: Well, I'm a little short.

Peter: How short?

Bruce: 15 million.

Peter: No problem....Wayne is already en route to Los Angeles, so we'll work something out. Any ideas?

Bruce: Well, we could add in Luc Robitaille or Bernie Nichols to even out the trade?

Peter: No, I'm not interested in making my team better right now. I guess you could just write me a post-dated cheque for this time next year, and when I go to cash it I'll just hope the 15 million is in there. Cool?

Bruce: Are you sure you want to do that? What if it's not there?

Peter: Don't worry about it. Even though you came up short, just take our best player now and then maybe the cheque you gave me will work out for us later. This is the way I'd prefer to operate.

Bruce: Well, at least let me add in a prospect that's playing over in Russia. If things don't work out for him there, he could be on your team soon. He's really good....I promise. Our fans are high on him.

Peter: Well then, you've got yourself a deal. Thanks for being so generous. I'll tell you what, if this guy plays for us next season, I'll throw in a conditional pick back your way at next year's draft. I wouldn't feel right just taking this Russian prospect....I mean, you're only getting Wayne Gretzky in the deal.

Bruce: Sounds good to me Peter. Thanks! You're a true friend. I hope everything works out for you.

That's pretty funny, only I wouldn't compare Zeke to Wayne. Not even close.

different sports and you cant really compare them

LOL. You hit it right on the head.


Too funny

This is your captain speaking.

Welcome to Westjet Airlines. Passengers, we are currently cruising at 35,000 feet over Thunder Bay and should be landing in Winnipeg within the hour.

I do have a message for one of our passengers however. If there is a Mr. Zeke Moreno on board, please get the attention of one of our flight attendants and she will strap a parachute to you prior to your arrival on Mosquito Island.

If you wish a safer return, simply stay on board upon landing and we'll return you to Hamilton where you belong.

Good post, Hendy.
I have continually heard that the Moreno/Canada deal couldn't be changed when Obilovich learned about Canada's enlarged spleen, because, Moreno was already in flight to "Mosquito Island".

This is nonsense, IMHO. I see no reason why Moreno couldn't have made the trip directly back to Hamilton.

Some may say that Obie would have looked bad in doing this. I say he looks bad for not doing this and caused the team to take the short end of another stick.

Moreno, being the consummate professional that he is, clearly would have understood that business is business and that the Peg, knowing our history for accepting damaged goods, tried to pull a fast one on us, and indeed, they were successful in their efforts. (What a surprise!)

Moreno knew that Obie was under the gun for the horrible display of his team in the last couple of games at a time when they should have been showing improvement and readiness for the playoffs and he had to make some kind of move to appease the media and the fans. I'm certain that Moreno would have understood this and gone perhaps begrudgingly, along with it.

Alas, Hamilton gets screwed again in their trade efforts.

What is it about this team? Did someone put a pox on them about 5 years ago? We hire "SOME" seemingly knowledgeable people to run our team or play football here, and the team and most efforts to make it better, go down the toilet.

It "appears" that Obie is fitting nicely into this mould. I hope that before this disastrous season comes to an end, he proves me wrong.