Hey people, it's only a game!!

I'm a season ticket holder and I'm frustrated too but let's all take a chill pill. If you'll indulge me I'd like to make a few points.

Why do people make such a big deal about hiring a new coach next year? Teams hire new coaches all the time with success. Trestman was a new hire and brought in a new system and staff with success. Yes, maybe he had better talent to work with, but most observers seem to think the Ticat talent isn't all that bad so maybe a new coach will be able to maximize it. Don't forget, Greg Marshall was the COY after his first year and mght still be here if Lancaster hadn't stubbornly refused to acquire a quarterback that could play. Marcel is not the guy, that's pretty obvious.

Next point, O-Line is struggling but schemes and play calling are not helping. Remember Edmonton at home...that was just poor coaching. Charles Thomas looked dreadful last night, Hudson can't be completely healthy, and Hage has underperformed all year. BUT, Cedric will be back next year and maybe Bekesiak will get healthy too, restoring some depth. Still need some stud tackles but that's looking ahead to 2009. Too early to give up on Dyakowski, he's only in his 2nd year.

Receivers need an upgrade. Rodgriguez might become a star but is a raw rookie and suffers from the dropsies, like last night. I think he is a keeper. Bauman needs to be on the field more and looks to be losing confidence as the team struggles. Miles is solid but needs to stop shying away from contact...you can't play with fear. Mitchell is awful and I can't understand why he plays at all. There has to be a better alternative. The rest are just depth.

Printers should be approached about re-structuring his deal, like Kerry Joseph did in Saskatchewn.
If he would accept 350K, he'd still be one of the top paid QBs but the team would have some money to use elsewhere. It is worth considering for him, because if released he would not command a higher salary elsewhere and would likely have to settle for even less.

Porter and Williams are still young with potential, but handing either one the reins now is a bad and desperate move.

Signing KK was just adding an asset, and with Jesse becoming a FA, not a bad move. It's still supply and demand with talent and maybe someone will offer something in a trade, but if not at least a key position is covered.

I agree that winning is more fun than losing, but if we won all the time what would we have to talk about on the Forums.

And boy did they make those Lions look good.

Are you kidding me....did you watch that game?

You actually managed to take a shot at Lancaster in there… just when I thought i had seen it all.

why cant people take shots at him? i think he is one of the biggest reasons our team is so bad right now.

The one season he was GM our QB threw for 5000 yards. How is he at fault for not bringing in a QB... the next season we brought in Maas.

8) To begin with, I don't need a chill pill, I need a sleeping pill after watching this teams play !!
  Yes, Trestman was hired by the Al's, but he was hired by a smart, savy football GM named Jim Popp, something we lack here.  Bob Wettenhall the Als owner also knows a lot more about football than our owner does  !!

  As far as you saying "if we won all the time"  !!  When exactly again did we have a winning season, or make the playoffs ???    What is happening with this team is simply incredible and inexcusable  !!!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

I hope that people don't talk that way about you a week after your death. That's a pretty disgusting thing to say.


Thank you. For once we agree.

I wasn't "taking a shot at Lancaster", just stating my opinion. The man had a fantastic career and is an icon but since when is anybody living or dead immune from an honest critique. If it's too soon, tell me when it would be acceptable.

In 2004, Danny Mac had his last decent season but it was obvious the end was near and a new QB was needed. Lancaster was the man who should have been grooming a replacement long before that, but failed to do so. When he made a deal to acquire Marcus Brady from Toronto, that was supposed to be the answer but we all know how that worked out and the team started to list badly. So badly in fact that Danny Mac had to step in again. Marcus Brady was Lancaster's answer to the team's need for a QB and he absolutely refused to acknowledge it was a bad move, leaving his coach without a serviceable QB. What is more frustrating is that Toronto gave Hamilton the choice of Brady or Michael Bishop in the deal and Lancaster chose Brady. Imagine how things might have been different if Bishop had become our QB in 2005. That whole period was not one of Mr. Lancaster's shining moments.

That being said, I'm grateful for the 1999 Grey Cup he brought to town and sorry if anyone was offended by my comments.

Sorry but im pretty sure we wanted Bishop but Pinball insisted Bishop stays.

Lancaster was in the game a little too long. Same thing is happening with Don Matthews and Obilovich. You got to know when its time to go and play with your grandkids, ride a Harley and buy a trailer down south... These guys are like old boxers, the heart is willing but the legs and the Holiday Inn, huh I mean coconut isn't the same as it was.

Sorry, but Brady had just led the Argos to a playoff comeback victory in the previous post-season and was the #2 behind Damon Allan. Ronnie had the choice and chose wrong. Hindsight is always 20-20, but the facts at the time are what they are. Besides, it's a moot point because he put all his eggs in the Brady basket and that was the beginning of the team's current woes.