Hey Obie how about Stevie Baggs

This is a start of a thread to encourage OBIE to call Stevie and invite him back for a little less money .

Stevie knows the CFL game , has a huge upside , He's fast and strong and has great technique and is a great team mate and fan favorite .

Right now we could use a good Defensive End that can rush the passer

I was thinking the same thing last night. Peach was not dressed last night but i think we need another vet rush end.

Not guanna happen.

Huge upside? He’s 30 years old.

Henry Burris is 37, Avon Cobourne is 33; age doesn't mean much if you can still contribute.

Baggs can still play and his release (remember, the team said it wasn't about money) was the most puzzling of the off-season. I'm sure someone will say that his play was off last year and to that I say go watch the East Semi against the Als and watch Justin Hickman. He played in Baggs' spot and I would hazard to guess that no one would say Hickman was used properly in that game. Anyway, if Cobourne can come back, so too can Baggs. I doubt a call gets made (there seemed to be more bad blood between Baggs and the team than Cobourne and the team), but I would welcome him back with open arms. If the team needs pass rushers, there are few better than Baggs.

i would be all for it, i still wonder why he didn't see the field much towards the end of when he was here.

I know, I was talking about his upside. Baggs is probably more of a sure thing than some of the other guys we have right now, but wouldn't it be fair to say that Powell, Crable and Boudreaux have more upside than Baggs right now? Or I guess it all depends on what our definition of "upside" is.

Been there and done that...
Many blamed Baggs' ineffective play last year on how he was used in Chamblin's defense. After arriving here, Cortez quashed that theory by stating that, after watching film, he did not see where Baggs was used any differently than the other DEs in the league.
Baggs had three strikes against him: ineffective play, high salary and he's an import. That spells "see ya".
As I've stated before on this board, you have to be a non-import to play at that level and still draw that type of salary in this league.

seymour's got it right.
Let's see now, gerbear9, tcmike, Blogskee and mAdkAp all want Baggs. Those who don't want him -- O'B, Popp, Barker, Mack, Taman, Tillman, Huff and Wally.

Cortez made a huge mistake. Maybe not so much cutting him, but certainly publicly saying that he sucks. Because he is on record saying that Baggs is a meh player, if at some point this season he ends up needing him back, he's burned the bridge, or he'll have to choke on a major piece of crow. I can't see Cortez admitting he was wrong either.

Baggs had one good CFL season the year he played with John Chick in Regina. He was a healthy scratch last year in the EDSF. If he was such a pass rush threat why hasn't anyone else signed him?

Baggs was misused last year in the Chamblin system.

He is still a premier pass rusher and likely not playing due to contractual issues.

He should be here and could definitely help.

  1. That explains why he's not in Saskatchewan this year.

  2. He doesn't have a contract.

  3. Your opinion contradicts eight CFL teams.