Hey Mike Kelly...It's a non-issue...

Message to Mike Kelly...Did you get HUMBLED tonight?
I think that is a non-issue...better get out of town with your tail between your legs, though! :cowboy: :oops: :cowboy: :oops:

I don't think he wants to talk about it. :slight_smile:

He's dealt with it.

It is a dead issue lmao Go cats go

Random reporter: "Mr. Kelly.. how do you feel about the loss to Hamilton tonight?"

Kelly: "Its a non-issue.. handled internally.. not talking about it"

Random reporter: "Scumbag says what.."

Kelly: "What?"

Im hoping this win will keep some of those Bomber fans from coming on our site and talking trash. Hows the crow pie taste fellas??? :rockin: Go Cats!!! We are definately back!!

I have noticed that they have all suddenly vanished. :slight_smile:

Lots of talk for days then nothing!

If my teams QB only passed for 124 yards in a pass dominant league I would be ashamed too. Chris Davis alone caught that many yards for us! :slight_smile:

yep, Chris David TORCHED the bombers...

Mike Kelly: it's a non-issue, it will be handled internally, im not talking about it.

Yes, Zenstate,

I `ve noticed their gone now!! :smiley:

I guess our D isn`t too bad. We shut them Down bigtime!!!

i say we all go post on theirs :smiley:

man a loss can shut ppl up!

Did any of you see the guy running around with the fake camera, like the reel to reel type from the movies in the 30’s etc, with “Spy Cam” on the side. LMFAO

lol yeah that was great!

I feel like when Kelly says "I didn't prepare enough, I didn't think of enough schemes, blah blah" he means "I didn't get what I asked for from the scout, and I couldn't see their schemes."