Hey Lonie, Forrest, and Joe:

Funny how a kicking game can actually win you some games. You see, Winnipeg has a punter who knows how to punt a ball, and also pretty good at scrambling for first downs on a bad snap.

We have a kicker who cant get a field goal to travel farther than 49 yards, with a heavy wind. Also had a great punting average, around 35 yards a kick or so.

I guess you're too busy getting the rights to Ryan Leaf and Tim Couch secured. That must take up most of your time. So dont worry about the current situation. We'll be fine at 5-12 again. Great job boys.

Oh yes, and Brad Banks. Just keep him on the bench. Thats where he belongs. We wouldnt want any excitement around here or anything.

I second that Gents.

Here's an idea, why don't you try to improve the immediate team. Seems to me that if you want to bring in players that aren't going to help us immediately - you are just telling us (THE FANS) that you have given up on the 05 season...

Oh well if you given up,,, don't bitch that the fans have too!

wouldnt it be 5-13?

Uh…ok make it 6-12.