WHAT IS YOUR TEAM'S WIN - LOSS RECORD :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:



It will be 11-7 by the end of the season :lol:

now who's dreaming...?

:lol: That was awesome, Turkey.

the thing is, no sane lions fan is saying that the lions are the best, whereas, so many riders fans are proclaiming Durant as not only the best, but maybe the next flutie even.

Well, since that thread was started by an Als’ fan, and not 1 response from a Rider fan agreed with him, I guess you’re out to luch yet again on that one boy.

I'd say he's the next Brett Favre. Good QB with the most INTs. :thup:

What makes you think those rider fans are sane :cowboy:

there have been many posts by rider fans saying that Durant is the best in the league, regardless of the Flutie thing. Whereas Durant isnt even number 2.

:cowboy: Cmon everyone- we all know Jason Maas is the number 1 qb in the CFL!!! :rockin:

Rider Pride Nation Wide

When Calvillo came into the league he couldnt hit the broad side of a barn. Look at him now.

Anyway, back on topic. The sad Lions football club have a 3-7 record. Have fun fighting for your playoff lives.

I think your team better looking hard in the O'l rear view mirror. BC Lions have the passing signal on,lol

Hope springs eternal. Good to see. You may be right though, although I personally don't think so.

I was just wondering ...... it is a prerequisite that you be obnoxious before you can be a Riders fan?

Or is just a cultural thing.

Being addicted to PILSNER must have something to do with it

You in other words, the point of this topic sailed over your head?


Well if the Lions continue to build off their last two wins, then it is VERY possible WILL pass the riders. The riders are not as good as their fans think. It's like they think they are owed something because it's their 100th? Time for a reality check...but Calgary can shit the bed soon and it's anyones game...Lions, riders or just about anyone.

If the Lions don't catch the riders then a repeat of the 2008 post season is just fine by me!!

Not really sure the topic sailed over my head. The whole gist of the original post is inflammatory, looking to incite others to respond not unlike my first post on this thread.

I like the Riders but I am not a Riders fan. I know how to keep things in perspective. When I view the posts of all team fans, I can't help but notice that there seems to be an unhealthy fanaticism that goes along with being a Riders fan.

Just been a long time observation.

Actually, if you check the timestamps...the whole gist of the original post is a sarcastic response to an inflammatory thread that was started by a Lions fan. An inflammatory thread about how bad DD is at QB, that was started by the fan of a team that has just won its 3rd game.