Hey Kanga!


They're $40 and they're official.

Yeah, I have one of those jumpers already with Kanga-Kucha on the back and the numbers 16 and 19.

go to Usfooty.com everyone and get one, don’t get Japan though, that ones crap.

it’s intreresting that the Canada one looks like the Swans.

hm. I'm surprised that no one has anything to add to this.

you can't read it, but the words below the maple leaf say "Canadian Australian Football Association", that, my friends, is bad***!!! Two great nations together!

http://afl.com.au/default.asp?pg=intleagues&spg=canada http://www.aflcanada.com/ [url=http://www.usfooty.com/usfootystore/SearchResult.aspx?CategoryID=13]http://www.usfooty.com/usfootystore/Sea ... egoryID=13[/url]

and my Canadian friend, Richy from TO, loves this. He also told me today that he would love to compete for Canada someday and be the Opening and Closing ceremonies, he is a great guy but unfortunate, he's an NFL fan :roll: working on converting him to be an Argo fan at least.

(BTW, this the only "bumb" I'm doing on this topic, so I have no more "time outs" after this, and god I hope the league never adds more time outs!!!)

I have several reasons to post that, I think the vets can figure out a few, but my lips are now sealed on that topic.

ok, now I have something to say ahbout the AP, if you not intrerested, stop reading this now. you have been warned (I don't want any more negative feedback, we all know what we feel about it)

ok, for those of you who are still with me, I had an idea to add to it. Since that in the rule book there are many opions to sistuations but coachs just do the same thing almost everytime (example, Single, do you kickoff or just start at the 35 yard line? most just start at 35) and that the main conpiant about the AP was that it had no opion? why not make it an opional? so that after a TD, the coach can decide wherther to run the convert or not and just kickoff? most I think would try for it anyway cuz really, what do you have to lose? anyway, just an idea.

another idea that A forum member and I came up with was just to dump the converts altogerther and just have the TDs be 7 or 8 points. I think that idea is a little out there though, and I don't see it working.

I think the AP is the best opiosion thus far to change the converts around, cuz the other ideas (making like a 35 yard FG or other distances, make it from an angle (like in rugby), and moving the post) are just plain stupid.

Ti-cats fan please.

he is from TO, mate, that a though thing to do, I think he hates the Cats with a passon already, but hey, I like them! like the "Brooklyn Dodges or Green Bay Packers" of the CFL, if you don't mind me saying.

Steve, the title of this topics should reallt be "Canadain Aussie Balll Jumpers" not "Hey Kanga!"

Those AFL jumpers are pretty sweet, especially the Irish ones.

ok guys, I have something to say here and I don't want to start another toipc, so bear with me.

As some of you know, the Aussieball season has started and the NAB cup is going on at the moment in Australia. What the NAB cup is it is an Aussie Ball tournament where new rules for the game are tested out to see how they effect the game. If sucessful, some even got on to be inclued in the national league.

I think the CFL should do this in the preseason, maybe as part of the extra thrid week that Zartan proposed.

Heck, I love Aussie Ball and I think that it's the best sport in the world, but having a conpetision with new rules (some that invold the points which I don't like) is great!

http://afl.com.au/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NAB_Cup http://www.sportal.com.au/football.asp?i=live

you guys will put a unique Canadian spin on it I'm sure, maybe just an extra week of 5 games, all with different rules, like a showcase of something.

Kanga, thought you would like to know that Aussie Rules has played a few games in Canada over the years...

13/10/1989 VFL Toronto, Canada Toronto Skydome Essendon v. Hawthorn 24,639
1989 VFL Miami, USA Joe Robbie Stadium Essendon v. Hawthorn 10,069
22/10/1989 VFL London, England The Oval Melbourne v. Essendon 12,000
17/10/1988 VFL Toronto, Canada Varsity Stadium Collingwood v. Hawthorn 18,500
9/10/1988 VFL London, England The Oval Hawthorn v. Carlton 10,000
8/10/1988 VFL Miami, USA Joe Robbie Stadium Collingwood v. Geelong 7,500
1987 VFL Vancouver, Canada Collingwood v. Hawthorn
1987 VFL Vancouver, Canada Melbourne v. North Melbourne 7,980
1987 VFL Vancouver, Canada B.C. Place Melbourne v. Sydney 32,789

Ah, Hawthorn, my favoite VFL club!

what were the scores WIYD? did they state those?

Kanga you should be able to find those scores on the AFL website afl.com.au

Alright VD, I get off my lazy butt and find them

(post edit to come)