Hey Jeff Hunt!

Take a look at Empire Field as some inspiration for the new stadium in Ottawa. Heck, also visit Winnipeg and take in a game at Canwest Park (where the Goldeyes play baseball).

If you want fans to not only be excited about the team but about the stadium as well, then find out what draws people to games even when they're not fan of the team or game in the first place.

Empire Field looks like a classic 1930s stadium and captures that spirit perfectly. Who wouldn't be happy to be in a stadium that speaks to the history of the league, team, and sport?

And as for Canwest Park, the concourse and concession stands are open to the field, so you can watch the game while grabbing a snack or going for a walk to stretch out the legs. Not to mention that the food selection is incredible --- there is such a variety of vendors that I have heard, on many many occasions, that people go just for the food itself. The new football stadium being built for the Bombers is following this open concourse design too.

So you are saying to Jeff, forget the new beautiful stadium designed by one of Canada's top architects with individual fold up seats and beautful restaurants and site lines and just put together some temporary steel bleachers??

Yes sound really nice!!!

If Empire Field is so great why are the Lions only playing there for one season??????????????????

Haha well played

Mark Cohon was on the radio broadcast of the Stamps-Argos game last night, and said so himself that "T"empire Stadium is a great temporary solution, but by no means a permanent stadium. I suspect most of the nostalgia from Tempire Stadium is just from it being outdoors...