Hey I have something, I need your help

Hello Stamps Fans!!

I have this I think.. rare trading card of henry burris from i think 96 or 97, and from what it looks like, come out of like a box of food or something(like cerial or something) it says "Kraft" in the corner, it's a really cool card and i love it, i just want to know more about it, dose anyone else have one or know anything about it??? its a pretty cool card, and he's in the older style Stamps uniform from back in 96-97, its a sweet card, im guessing, possibly, there is a set of them from whatever product it cam out of, like for example like 12 players you can get, and this was one out of the 12... can anyone please tell me anything about this card??

Many Thanks In Advance!!!

Hrmm... Would he have been in college in 96-97?

No Hes In Calgary Uniform, Wearing… I Think #16 On the Card, Its A Pretty Cool Card… Anyone Wanna Help Me Out Figuring Info On It???

Well the thing is Burris is only 31...so in 1996 he would be 21. I'm interested myself as to how he would be in a Stamps jersey.

....in 1997 Henry was on the Stamps practice roster.....

i think it was 97 then...

I have that card too. I got in in 1999 I think. There's a Dave Dickenson card in that series too, but no Jeff Garcia, so '99 is my guess.

oh alright! thanks very much for that info, do u(or anyone else)know what these came out of or from??//

o and bytheway stampsfan4life, what other cfl cards ya got???

i pretty much have that set. i got it from co-op back in the day. i think i have a derrel mitchell card from when he played for ttoronto too

oh, sweeeet!!! im interested, what other stamps or CFL cards might ya have?

in that stamps set was travis moore, allen pitts, alondra johnson, henry burris, dave dickenson, and i think jamie chrysdale. thats all i have.