HEY HIGGINS....what the hell gives

........After re-watching that hit by Davis on Brink ...I'm as mad as hell all over again....Where is the bloody follow-up and investigation into that bull$hit cheap-shot that could have damaged Brink permanently....The silence has been deafening coming from Higgins and his lame office....If that bloody assault isn't addressed in the proper fashion, I think that Higgins should be under review...The league and it's officiating have sunk to a new all-time low...Davis should receive a suspension, fined and the official in charge concerned, Murray Clarke, should be suspended....A guy with a white cane could do a better job than this incompetent...Watch the film over again and see that Clarke was looking directly at that shot to the head....Now he has either ..1. A bias toward the Bombers...2. Does not like Alex Brink.....or 3. he's brain-dead....Dunigan of tsn. has thrown the flag at Murray Clarke and so he should have and IF the league office and Higgins had any balls they'd do the same...I'd be temptempted to throw more than a flag at Mr. Clarke :twisted: :thdn: Just gawd awful :thdn: :thdn:

Based on the hit, yes, Davis should be suspended. But based on precedent, he should be fined, nothing more. Guys have done a lot worse and only received cash penalties. The whole suspension / precedent / appeal situation is a mess. :thdn:

Hey Papa, tell us how you really feel....dont hold back..... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Sadly, Discipline & Punish is right. Most that will happen is a fine. CFLPA seems to protect the perpatrator instead of the victim. Until Cohon can negotiate something better, we're all stuck with a very flawed system.

How many flagrant / direspect for opponant / Intent to injure hits have we seen already this season???????????

That's why I don't sweat it. Players want this system. Let them live with it. When it becomes a priority for them. It will get fixed with open arms by the league. Its the teams that end up paying for guys on the IR.

.....Apologies to anyone offended sport BUT cripes this is really bugging me...I have to agree with hfxtc to a certain degree, the fault lies in the players agreement...What is crazy is that it's the players who would/could suffer permanent damage from incidents like this....I would think that a better system should be employed and that it'll be looked at before someone is crippled and loses their livelihood.. :?

....another problem i have with this particular incident is that I don't think there was enough furor from the bench...Lapo is too passive....If that were my guy on my team, that took a shot like that, I'd I have been all over that ref. and would've been ejected...It wouldn't have affected the Bombers play calling too much, as there isn't much coming from the bench anyway...No fire, no offence, no win....At least the players would have known he had their backs and he didn't even do that,,,

Hey Papa, no apologies needed.

Hate to tell you this, but somebodies career was ended. The kid from Calgary (Name that always escapes me) never came back after Jimenez hunted (yes hunt is the right term) him down and charged into him, across the back of the legs. Jimenez got a token fine. It happened right in front of where we were sitting. I was so disgusted as a BC Lion fan, that one of "ours" could do such a nasty thing. If my memory was correct, the Official saw the action, flagged it and ejected Jimenez. I remember reading somewhere that both the Official and the Game Supervisor were flown to Toronto for the hearing. The CFLPA Lawyer tore them both apart and I think Jimenez got fined the maximum $500.00 fine, and that kid from Calgary never played another down in the CFL.

The Calgary player who suffered a broken leg and never played again; Anthony Gargiulo

not saying what jiminez did to the kid in calgary was cool but to compare that to davis headshotting the qb when all you hear about is how the league is supposed to protect the qb, how the officials etc are supposed to protect the qb, its really not the same. if the kid from calgary was a qb, then it would be the same but he wasnt, brink is.

He was a defensive player.....But here's where I have the problem. Jimenez was flagged. Jimenez was Ejected from the game. I assume since the Official that flagged him and the supervisor were sent to the hearing that every thing was called and done by the book, but once the CFLPA got a hold of it....Poof...a slap on the wrist.

Like I said in an earlier post, the CFLPA seems more focussed on protecting the perpetrator than the victim.

And it is one of the reasons some American Agents won't even discuss, consider sending their players to the CFL.

Can you believe they canned that ref last year for botching a PI call, the outrage from the league was like nothing ever seen. Yet something like this is barely even news? There is definitely something wrong with this picture when the league puts it's own image ahead of the health/careers of the players. :thdn:

With blatant hit to the head, in the current climate of head shots in ALL professional sports, it is shocking that they have not issued any form of comment from the league on this. What's even more maddening is that you compare that hit with the call on the hit to the head on Hall when he sacked Jyles the week before. This completely smacks of not wanting to contradict a ref openly. CFL needs to take a lesson from other league, NFL in particular. Sometimes calls are missed on the field, that's why there's people who review the player and official conduct after the fact and administer fines or suspensions. In this case there should have been some acknowledgement, AT THE LEAST to say it was reviewed and no further action will be taken. The CFL has completely sent out the wrong message by not sending any message at all. However precedent has now been set. I'm not sure how they can fine or suspend anyone else this season for hitting the QB with a headshot without looking ridiculous.

If I remember right. They fired him because he called something he did not see and he refused to listen to his line judges who both try to tell him he was wrong.

lol, now Higgins trying to create a smoke screen and say the officials got the blocked punt call wrong :?

There is no end to it.

Call Tom. He will take your call or return it.

....I think it's time to review Mr. Higgins' position....The deflecting story line about the punt in a game 2 weeks ago smells...There's one punt that should happen now....That would be Higgins getting removed from his position in the league...Get lost Tom ...you're as incompetent and farcical as the ref. who owes the Bombers and Brink an apology (at least)...Someone said it, it looks like 'open season' on the qbs. (or is that just Bomber qbs.) :lol: :thdn: :thdn:

We should replace him with Mike Kelly. Clark comes out of the room with a black eye and Kelly tells Papa its been handled internaly :lol:

I agree with papa. big time, the only punt that people should be discussing is higgins being punted from his job. The fact that he mentions this now and im not even sure its correct actually, according to the rule book the call on the field was correct but regardless the fact that he's talking about this and not the blatant obvious head shot to brink is definitely grounds for dismissal.

You know, i love the cfl, its great, its in my opinion better than the nfl, its more exciting, less wasting of time, i mean in the nfl if u have a lead with 3 minutes left, u can just down the ball and win, in the cfl, u can score 4 touchdowns, its just more exciting in my opinion plus im canadian and pro canadian so i mean, living in the peg, its pretty easy for me to cheer for my hometown team, i like the eagles and the vikings and the colts for that matter in the nfl but if they suck, whatever, it doesnt really bother me. If the bombers suck, yeah it hurts lots. it bothers me. it does. It's got nothing to do with 20 year plus grey cup droughts because quite frankly,we've been there a few times in the last 20 years, should have won it twice, the 14-4 team losing to the 8-10 calgary team and losing to sask a few years back because glenn got hurt. We've been to the dance, we just havent come out on top. It is what it is.

What sucks tho is when it seems like the people in charge are just mocking you and your team and imo, this is what higgins and the cfl are doing, dont get me started on the ricky ray to toronto stuff, thats a whole other topic but bet your butt that the cfl made sure that deal happened, i'm talking about this punt thing from 2 weeks ago, yet completely ignoring the head shot that happened last week, i mean, seriously? To me that is a direct kick to the spaldings, its like higgins is saying yeah well, you should be 0-6. nevermind the fact that our refs are blind and incompetent and your qb could have been severly injured by a cheap shot, you should be 0-6.

higgins needs to be reprimanded, clark needs to be held accountable and unfortunately with higgins in charge, a former edmonton guy, well, what do you expect really.

You know, the cfl would be so much better if it had people in charge who didnt show any bias towards certain teams and i dont care what anyone says. this isnt the first time clark has messed up a winnipeg montreal game and this isnt the first time higgins has said, well, nevermind the head shot.

i guess how can i expect the refs to be fair consistent and impartial when the man in charge of them isnt.

I think it is a conspiracy by you guys. You just want Higgins fired so you can hire him as your HC or OC :lol: