Hey guys, check out this 'Bama article

I'm "Mike in Hamilton" responding.

[url=http://www.examiner.com/x-6543-Alabama-Crimson-Tide-Examiner~y2009m7d8-State-of-AL-well-represented-in-CFL-including-TideTuscaloosa]http://www.examiner.com/x-6543-Alabama- ... Tuscaloosa[/url]

Wasnt a bad article till he started yapping about the rule changes.

How did you ever stumble upon this article Earl?
I liked your responses and I liked that he took the time to respond back to you

I don't mind tweaking rules, the CFL does it constantly. This years rule changes are but one example.
The rule changes Vince F has in mind would change the entire dynamic of the game. No thanks.
If there was no choice but to change or die then I would prefer a dignified death.

Always nice to see CFL get press in the south. Thanks Vince F and thanks for the link Earl.

He's literally saying that it it doesn't have American rules it's not as good, but this is a very common argument from people who just don't "get" Canadian football. You can explain it to them 'til you're blue in the face, but unless they have watched it for a very long time they just don't understand the fundamental differences. Vince''s idea of "tweaks" are wholesale changes that would completely destroy Canadian football forever. No thanks. I guess he thinks the CFL needs American help, beyond players and coaches, it doesn't. His attitude is very arrogant.

Yup, a bit of weird article praising the league in one way and being arrogant in another. But good on him to write as I mentioned.

How did I stumble upon it? Once in a while I go into Google news and search stuff weird like in this case a phrase search "3 downs" and you sometimes come upon an article talking about our game from down south or wherever.

You seem to take exception to the 3-down rule, but the longer, wider field and endzones gives the CFL offense much more space to work with. The defence is more spread-out and there are more empty spaces on the field. Do the math and you find the CFL to have more speed, more action, and less of the 4-down grind. History and pride have little to do with it compared to the belief that 3-down ball is a better entertainment product. You also mention that there can be games with a lot of punts. My first point about this is that the back-and-forth play increases. Each team gets more chances with the football. 4-down rules don't allow the same kind of flow. The second point is that the punting plays themselves are more interesting. The returner has to catch and secure the ball as well as attempt a return on every single kick. Mishandled kicks and big returns are commonplace, exciting plays. Special-teams kicking, coverage, blocking, and returning become an important third aspect of the game.
I can't complain about the publicity, and somebody advocating that readers try and seek out CFL games. Giving them a bit of a heads-up on rule differences and some locally recigonizable names is a good ice-breaker.

Making the CFL a NFL developement league only benefits one league, the NFL, it does absolutely nothing for Canadian football and Canadian fans. I like and enjoy the AHL but it requires a different mindset than watching the NHL. With the AHL, there is no watching a team build from bad to championship through careful drafting, trading and signing of free agents. Every year is a rebuilding year, the best players get moved up to the big club, the worst players get moved out to other clubs, and the rest might hang around for as much as five seasons but not a game more. The pleasure you get from it is in watching a player develop in the minors and make it in the NHL, the wins, losses and championships are ultimately meaningless. The CFL as an NFL developement league would only encourage people to watch NFL just to see how promoted CFL players perform...

Thinking about this, I think it would be a neat experiment in some ways if teams could field all Americans if they wanted to. Of course, the only neat thing about this would be if some teams continued to use 7 starting Canadians like now so you could see some head to head competition. Ultimately, you'd see teams employ practically all Americans so my experiment wouldn't work and would fail. So best to keep it as it is which means more not an NFL development league, it would probably be best for the league to die than ever become that because as it is now, the American system is a development league for the CFL in many ways, as has been mentioned many times in the past.

Unintentionally, I'm sure, but still arrogant.

I find it even goes beyond "not as good". It's like if the rules are not the standard American rules, it's outright wrong. This idea that there are extra scoring possibilities as a way to give the perception that it's a more exciting game is idiotic.

They just can't seem to grasp the concept that the game evolved differently.

What's really strange is that I've heard some young people, maybe older ones as well, say the CFL isn't football. I mean, they obviously don't even know their own country's history and grasp the history of Canadian football. Not a question of what presentation you like more, CFL or NFL, I mean personally I like the presentation of the NFL more because mainly of the big stadiums and seeing the stadiums packed most of the time and it's easy to like this. What I'm talking about is the actual football game itself and the history behind Canadian football, if you understood this no one who has any intelligence would say that Canadian football isn't football.

Maybe the NFL does a better job of highlighting its history. It "feels" like its been around longer.

The CFL celebrated its 50th anniversay last year which might lead some to think that it's only been around since 1958. Meanwhile, the NFL not long ago made a big deal out of its 75th anniversary. It might lead to the perception that the CFL came about well after the NFL was established.

How many young people realize that the Eastern teams all have roots that date back to the 1800's? How many NFL teams can say that? Are there any?

True enough CRF. And I also venture to guess a lot of people in this country especially the younger ones who don't appreciate history as much with all the emphasis on Playstations and computer gadgets and MP3 players etc. don't even know what who Samuel de Champlain is but easily know who Abraham Lincoln was. Two different types of historical figures but just saying.

Good point Earl. When I was a lad growing up in Edmonton all (or most) of our text books were American. I distinctly remember questions such as "What is the name of the President?". We were told we could substitute the name of the Prime Minister, but still. We used to have contests to name all 50 states. That's important knowledge too, but our Canadian history was extremely poor. Shamefully bad in fact. It wasn't until I went to university that I really began to learn about it. About the only thing I learned in school in Edmonton that had much to do with Canadian history was useless, like the words to God Save the Queen, which we used to sing every morning instead of O Canada. And forget about local Edmonton/Alberta history. We had zero of that. No wonder I hated school so much in Edmonton. It was mostly irrelevant and gave me no sense of place. I had to move to Ottawa to finally learn to appreciate our history and learn what is was like to be proud Canadian.

I hope, and think, it has changed now. Alberta basically lost an entire generation because of its poor curriculum though. No wonder drugs and gangs and bullies were rampant in East Edmonton in those days. I couldn't wait to get the hell out of that city. I blame it mostly on the failure of the schools to instill a sense of pride and self worth based on a shared history. Everyone needs their heroes to look up to. My early education gave me none. Thankfully, the Edmonton Eskimos where there. Those were the only heroes I knew. Well, them and the Canadiens and the Leafs.

Yes rp, it was about the same in London, Ont where I grew up, most of the history teachers and curriculum were basically into US history more and the war, not that much on our own country, very sad.

This guy is a complete idiot. Just reading it made me burn. Canadian rules and Canadian football are more sophisticated and exciting than anything the NFL produces. NFL coaching is basically run it up the middle or occasionally throw it down the sideline. No sophisticated play calling at all (Can you so the ultimate in F...ing Borrrinnnggggg!!!!) unlike the CFL which has a lot of play calling variety.