Hey......... guess what?

Has it struck anyone that due to our complete overhaul of our coaching staff, absolutely nobody in the league has our "play-book"......not even players and former coaches that have left for other teams (eg. Flick, Ranek, LaPolice)

Nobody is going to know a thing about what our coaches are going to design on the chalkboards.

...is this an advantage do you think? :slight_smile:

No. Like Don Matthews, the all-time winninest coach in CFL history said, "The opponents can have our play book. Unless they know what play we are going to run on each down it does not matter."

Nuff said.

That may be somewhat true....but then again, they don't even know our tendancies in certain situations either....for instance, even I could tell when the ball was going to Flick. At any rate, we have a tough schedule to start so any advantage we can get to jump out of the gate on a winning note is welcome....

And besides, Matthews had an unfair advantage because he had that video guy stealing our signals....I'm glad "video-spy" is now working for us!.....lol


Have a Happy (albeit soggy) Day... and don't forget you Lotto 649 tickets! ....it would be awesome is a Ticats fan (me) won the jackpot :lol:

If I win the 649 tonight, I'm going to open up my own brewery and go after the Cats contract when the Molson deal is up. :smiley:

If I win, I'm renting out that remaining space as the new corporate digs for the forbidden website.

Actually we’ll incorporate and rent the remaining space under the moniker “The Royal Canadian Institute for Children, History and Social Crusading”. If we’re lucky we can even get next to free space like all of those public service agencies in Jackson Square. :slight_smile:

Hamilton has used the same play book since 1974. Just the offensive co-ordinators have changed. When you sign on...they blow the dust off and hand it over.

Explains everything.