Hey Flick, Smith, Boreham and Justin ... good on ya!

Must be nice to be on the high side of a stadium scoreboard for a change ...

Career games by Smith and Flick.


kudos to Tad Kornegay as well ... the winters may be harsh but the football will be fun!

Smith didn't even play.

Yes He on the Injury List

Flick was outstanding.

Of all the Ti-Cats that have left in the last few years, he's the only one I wish had stayed.

Not even a career game by Flick... just something he does every few weeks when he has a QB that can throw to him.

i.e. Danny Mac = 1200+ yards

It sure was interesting to see a lot of ex-Cat's play well in that game. Flick had an amazing touchdown pass. As much as I felt like it was a major mistake to let him go after his play on Sunday, I had to remind myself that the big difference is the receiving corps in Sask is so much better, that Flick is now probably their #3 guy, not #1. They have Domingues (sp?), Armstead, Grant, and Fantiuz (sp?). Who do we have, nobody of any significance.

Watching games around the league, I can't believe how much worse we are at the receiving position.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I also think Justin was playing HB not CB as he was in Hamilton. Maybe this suits him a little better.


on the starting line-up he was listed at CB, but the riders moved him around a lot. I thought he played amazingly well. He was always in thelwells face, and knocked a few completions right out of thelwells hands with some hard hits. He only made one mistake, and that was right before the half. He should of just secured his man by laying a hit on him, but he went for an interception and missed, and calgray ended up gaining like 30 yards or something. But hey, he stills learning the Rdiers Defense, so that can be excused.

As for Flick, what an amazing catch!! I was yelling at the TV, "Pass interferience!!", and that soon changed to, "OMG, he caught the ball! He caught the Ball!"

Hey what about all the ex-Renegades?
Joseph, Flick, Armstead and the other 5!!

Hey what about all the ex-Renegades?
Joseph, Flick, Armstead, Yo Murphy and the other 5!!

Whoops. Coulda swore I hear the commentators credit Smith's blocking on that last rushing TD.

And Desjardins said these guys would not have made our team ... whatever Marcel.

Actually he said that they wouldn't have been on our team, not that they wouldn't have made our team. Those are two different things.