Hey everyone!

Hey everyone, I'm sure none of you remember me I posted a couple times during camp last year. My friend Jacob Willis tried out for the team, and unfortunately didn't make it but following his experience made me become a fan of this team and I watched as many games as I could here in the U.S whether it be on Espn360 or even on this station called "Comcast Sportsnet". Any who, just wanna say that I am looking really forward to this upcoming season, especially camp, the Ticats do a great job of daily updates and videos, I've even started looking to order some merchandise like the 2010 Draft Hat to rep here in the states.


And thanks Canada =)

Welcome. Always nice to hear about the spread of interest in the CFL and, in football in general.

yes, I second that!
We need all the fans we can get! Hope you can attend a game in person to witness the 3 Down Version, 2 extra players on the bigger field.