I remember telling people how mad I was that ticats didnt make moves to get him on our team and now in his first year he has a chance to win the greycup!Yes he is in the secondary and yes hes a rookie but that makes it more troublesome!attitude does rub off and I give it to B.C to notice that!

Pottinger was chosen in the draft before our first selection came up. What did you want the Cats to do?

Anyway I'm guessing he's not disappointed with the way things have turned out.

Call me crazy, but I have a feeling that even without Pottinger BC would have made the Grey Cup. And that even with Pottinger, Hamilton would have finished 4-14.

Well yes and he did play for Mac and on here according to a few people he can`t be any good !!!

Lets dont forget about another player that will be in the game Sunday . Long snapper Chris Vrantsis is a Hamilton boy who played 4 years at Mac also .I hope they both play well on Sunday !!!!

Jay would have preferred to be drafted by the Cats. However, BC had second pick and Buono figured to take the best player available to him and he selected Jay as an ongoing project. It takes time to develop a line-backer. An example of this is Javier Glatt who spent the last 3-4 years starting on special teams and working his way into the starting lineup.

Jay will be returning to Hamilton after the season and will continue his studies at Mac. You can see him at your local Timmies.

I think jay will make his former mcmaster players proud on sunday and so will chris who's been so much lossing his mother recentley in a car crash here in hamilton.

is this pottinger guy the urlacher wannabe with the shaved head?