hey everyone its my B-DAY!!!!!!

It's My B-DAY EveryOne, wish me a happy B-DAY, Thanks!!

Happy bday. I wish you a lot of CFL trading cards...

ha, well thanks bud! if anyone has any trading cards and dont want them or have extras then i would want them, thanks again Third And Ten!

Happy Birthday CFL_FAN!
Have a beer for Me!

Go Capital Punishment Go!!

Happy B-day to you. Happy B-day to you! Happy B-day CFL Fan. . .Happy B-day to you!

Don't drink to much DUFF'S, it would be a drag to hurl your B.Cake. have you passed 20 yet? (H.B.)

I just turned 19 today!!

Have a good one!

19 your only 19 :shock:
Man I have socks older than that
Have a good one :smiley:

Ah, I remember 19.
Cheezies and porn............ :wink:

Just kidding B.Boy
At least you have the Internet nowadays. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a gooder!

Happy birthday, CFL fan! Try to stop drinking somewhere between "ripped" and alcohol poisoning.

hahaha cheezies and porn , oh to be 19 again… oops i am 19!

and more than 2 channels on tv and game boys and play stations and mp3 players and PC games.

Heck when I was 19 there was no such thing as electricty so I had to watch the Als on TV by candlelight

How did the TV work without electricity?

Happy birthday CFL fan, may your team win this week ( as long its not Winnipeg :mrgreen: )

I was checking to see if anybody was paying attention :lol:

I’m not that old to have lived without electricty

i must be getting old.
I just re-read your post ro1313. The first time went right over my head too.lol


HHHMMMM can't remember 19......or 21......wait!...maybe.....no not 25 either.......DAMN!!!! GOOD TIMES! Happy B-Day bud...enjoy

I remember my 18th and 21st, and not much else. Pretty sad when you consider I quit drinking 7 years ago, at 37. And ro1313, I know your not that old.