hey everybody

How do spend the 24th to 26th

We spent the day cleaning and organizing and shopping and generally preparing for the next two days.

Tonight my wife and kids go to church while I am in charge of ordering pizza and pickup. Then when they come home, we eat. Then the in-laws come over for the evening and we do gift giving.

Tomorrow we have in-laws and a few other over for Christmas dinner.

Day after, most come back for leftovers and more family time.

The only thing missing is football :slight_smile:

well, I got the pizza.

Just waitin here twiddling my thumbs till the crew arrives :slight_smile:

Cant even find company here right now :’(

Sure hope all whoever reads this is enjoying themselves right now and all evening :slight_smile:

Think I will go break open the wine

No family, so last night I watched Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. This morning I watched the Raptors get their clocks cleaned by Boston, and this afternoon I’ll help with Christmas dinner at a local recovery house. Tomorrow off to the gym.

good on you