Hey Eskimos...

....you fired the wrong coach....


...I thought Chap was pretty decent....

NO WAY! Wow, I wonder what Chapdelaine's going to do now.

Well now, fire the first year offensive coach, because for the second year in a row..your team didn't make the playoffs. Oh wait a minute..he wasn't there last year...you were Danny M and Rick Campbell!!!! So who will you use as a scapegoat next year. Danny M...you must spin quite the yarn if Eskies powers to be have kept you on. This is a joke to all loyal Eskie Fans. Chaps didn't do so badly out in BC,..oh but the Leos have Wally, and...

Hamilton maybe.

They should have fired Machochawocha and made Chapdelaine coach ... that would have been the smart thing to do.

Too bad for Chapdelaine. Oh well, I haven't liked him since he cost us a Grey Cup in 1983 when he dropped that pass.

Just posted the CFL article in the Eskimos forum. They also canned the special teams coach and the O-Line coach. I'm happy. Yes, we missed the playoffs two years straight, but we did much worse this year. How many times did our offence stall in the second half? Just take a look at the first game we played against Hamilton. Give Hamilton a veteran receiver capable of catching passes, and we probably would've been 4-13-1.

I think the Eskimos are due a thank you card from the other 7 teams any time now.

It's odd how they fire the O-line coach and special teams coaches, yet Rick Campbell and the defense which hasn't been good the last 2 years escapes getting fired.

I agree. I would've liked to have seen him get his pink slip as well.

I don't think any of us are surprised that he didn't get fired, as I'm sure he has plenty of connections inside the organization, but I would say he deserves to be fired.

Chappy's an avg coordinator at best.

Campbell and Macioca should have been right behind him, but i dont mind seeing them stick around.

Bahahahahaha...Machipmunk is going to lead them down 3rd Time Failure Street.


Agreed. We should lobby for Edmonton to extend Machocia's contract for at least 10 years! :twisted:

I would have cleaned some serious house.

Danny, keep hanging in there any way you can! The rest of us CFL fans outside Edmonton are cheering you on! Seeing the Eskies continue to suck will always be some consolation for the rest of us even when/if our team does not win the cup for the next 5-10 years! :wink:

Can you say bitter?

He should probably stay with the club but not in a dual role. He appears to be in over his head. Make him GM only and hire a new coach and staff if there are going to be any changes at all.

However, now that he's here for his final year, it gives the team (besides another losing season) a year to beat the bushes and come up with new coach and GM. Starting over completely is always difficult but the Esks probably have no choice.