Hey Elks fans, you got yourselves a QB

Tre Ford. This kid is exciting to watch. Pack your stadium out and enjoy


That’s step one for sure! Unfortunately there are a lot of other things that need to be cleaned up before the attendance gets a lot better.

I hope Ford doesn’t burn himself out. Running quarterbacks usually have a short career


Ford is electric and a joy to watch. The man can juke jive and run. And better yet it appears he can read defences and throw too.

Not just a one trick pony.

Treat him well Edmonton. You have a keeper

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Or get himself killed running out of the pocket,ask Collaros how that worked out in Hamilton,

Oh well, Collaros moved on and is doing quite well somewhere else now. I’m not sorry for your loss.

yes he is i hope he does not get injured he is their ticket to the playoffs. go elks

How about those elks continuing to cruse to the playoffs go elks!!!

To me any playoff participation is a miracle and bonus, and we don’t wait for miracles and just play to win and play well.

This is the team that is rebuilding now for 2024, so we just keep at it.


Yes. Too many people have expected way too much from a rebuilding club the last couple seasons. You don’t just throw a bunch of guys together and win.
Where we are is, we are a good young team, and young guys make mistakes. But good young guys learn from mistakes.

All the things everyone pointed out as bad this year -

  • The OLine Baker criticized? They are protecting ford and ripping huge holes for Brown to run through.

  • That defensive backfield with all the rookies? Really starting to hold their end up and not take penalties.

  • The run stopping ability of the middle of the defence? Morgan is becoming a beast in the middle line backing position. 74 yards for Carey against Calgary a couple weeks ago and 46 yards for Morrow last week.

I think moving Jackson to OC was a great move. It seems to have allowed Jones to focus more on his job as DC more. I see the D as playing far cleaner the last couple weeks. They are making good stops, Morgan and Konar and McLaurin seem to have found a groove together. Marcus Lewis (CB) had a huge game last week with 4 tackles, 2 for a loss, and an interception last week.

Incrementally better every week…

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Can anyone explain to this lower 48 fan why Jones had to be dragged kicking and screaming into playing Tre Ford?

Politics. Nobody wants to admit the guy who gets the big bucks contract was the wrong choice. You’ve seen it in the NFL too.

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Jones has his hands full as Coach/Co-GM, and Defensive Coordinator. All I can think is - he lets his OC run the offence. If you notice he’s one of the few HC’s without a play sheet in his hand on the field.
When Jackson was made OC the first thing he did was appoint Ford as his starter. Which says - the OC was choosing which QB was starting. …

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