...WE BEAT YOU BY TEN POINTS...guess the runoff at the mouth meant diddly.....Better team won.....and great game Bombers... :thup: :rockin:

ya we will hoild them to 10 points, cuz well when i checked u guys only scored 9. HAHAHAHAHAHA. heres a questions how does crow taste?

for Kevin Eiben....


Guess Eiben was confused about which team he was talking about. What are those big bite marks on your rump Kevin? Oh the wolf smack pack.

I think he was misquoted. I think he said "We HAVE to hold them to less than 10 points". I'm sure that was it.

How ironic for Eiben that his team sucked in the end!! I think he was the one who fell on Glenn's arm to break it though, so the clown left a unfortunate reminder of himself for everyone.

At least it was a clean play. If he was misquoted he sure did not try too hard to set the records straight. The way Clemons talked it appears he was not misquoted. I know I can beat you by 10 strokes this afternoon, sure you have time Kevin!

The Bombers took the high road previous to the final. They refused to talk trash about the Argos. This is the best strategy going into a big game. Don't anger your opponets, respect them by keeping quiet.

The Bomber players took the high road because they probably believed Eiben deep down. :slight_smile:
I think the CFL should bring back the two game total point final so the best teams get to the Grey Cup.

LOL, and then if you didn't win that way would you want a best 4 out 7?

Bombers 12-7-1 , Argos 11-8

Looks to me like the best team in the East won.

We'd only need two out of three. :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember the days when in the east it was the two game total-point format, while in the west a best of three series, but no, please, don't bring THAT back. I can write a book (thick one too) about everything that is SO wrong with the total-point thing, please no, let's not revive it.

My favourite 2-game total point series was the Saskatch/Wpg 1953 West semi-final. It featured 17 year-old Gerry James; Lorne Benson scored 6 touchdowns in the first game and Bud Grant intercepted 5 passes in that first game. They played the second game and it was close, but the Bombers had so overwhelmed the Roughies in the first, it was a walkover.


No BigBlew, you jackass...Grampa! You must be Daddy because you said you remember 3-game West finals.

Or till you eventually got ahead. Didn't the league tell your team it was sudden death?