Hey Don

Not sure if you read here, but maybe someone who knows you might pass it on to you somehow. I am sure I wont be the only one to express such sentiment on a website, but I just gotta.

First I want to say thanks Don. Thanks for the entertainment, thanks for a job well done, thanks for making the CFL a better league. Those of us who have been familiar with your work for a number of years will never forget you. Its hard now to imagine a CFL without Don Mathews, but at least the league will continue as a better league because of you. I wish you all the best Don, and may the rest of your life be the best of your life. Be well, be happy, and enjoy your retirement.

I second that wholeheartedly, and couldn't have said it any better.

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....dont' count the Master out yet....his health is a concern but it's not life-threatening....Mathews for commish maybe?...

....if not, then what FootballYouBet said....

Love Him, Hate Him, you have to respect "The DON" track record !

He always let us guess media & fan, what will be is next move....and he's still doing it now !

Thanks for the memories DON, even if sometimes you made me "freak out" !

If Don Matthews wishes to coach again, he certainly won't have trouble finding a job. I don't think he will, at 67 retirement is going to feel pretty good me thinks.

Commissioner Matthews would be good...at least we know he has a real love of the CFL.

Nicely put .... footballubet

Call me the hardass, I assumed he just wanted out of town like he did after the dreadful season he had with Edmonton. Am I just to cynical when it comes to the Don?

Agree it's nicely put BTW...

...ONE OF A KIND....DON MATTHEWS....if ever the song title 'I Did It My Way' applys ...its sure appropriate here...His success in the CFL ...says it all....He'll be missed on the field...and hopefully he'll consider some other capacity to continue on in the league....If not ..Good Luck Don...and all the best in the future.... :thup: :thup:

There was some talk of Don being considered for the Buffalo Bills back in 98 when Flutie went down there. I think he would have done a great job and would have known how to use Flutie. Not screw it up like Bum's boy did.