Hey... did you see Boreham's punts tonight?????

Sorry- I just had to say it. I'll go to bed now.

Okay- I just went for a coke instead.

But no takers- on this board???
I'm disappointed.

Actually there has already been some discussion on that in this thread.

But I must say it is interesting how the two punters we rejected (Boreham and Fleming) are now the punters for two other CFL teams.

Boreham and Fleming were both good punters but they weren't consistant enough. With Setta, we have a much better and more consistant punter.......something that is a must in the cfl. Not only that, the hang time on his punts are phenomenal. :cowboy:

Yeah- but did you see the 47 yd. clutch kick at the end??? We've got to trade for this guy!

And I suppose it should be noted that Setta is an import, so he'll have to be more consistent. But with non-import talent the team is bringing in, we can afford to have an import K/P.

And I should also note that Boreham seemed to do well on kickoffs, but only had a 38.9 yard punting average. His net punting average was only 33.7 yards. So you could say that in tonight's game, Boreham was Boreham.

I think its inefficent to carry a punter and a place kicker, I understand the ramifacations if one were ever to get hurt but I think that the coaching staff and Marcel believed why carry two guys when you can get one that can do both?

Its just a waste of a roster spot that could be filled to add depth to a lacking area of the team. I saw Borehams punts tonight and they were high, had some hangtime but had no distance. I would love to have a Canadian Kicker on the team again but thats not where the cards fell, both Setta and Myers were amazing kickers compared to the inconsistant kickers we have carried on the roster since Ozzies retirement.

The ramifications of having one full-time punter/kicker
were evident on Thursday when the Blue team didn't try
a long last minute field goal because they didn't trust
the ability of their emergency back up to make it.

A second kicker isn't a waste of a roster spot,
if not having one can cost a team a win, Steeltown fan.


At least The Blue team has an emergency back up
who is adequate for most situations that come up,

I don't believe we have anyone to do that job.

[ or if we do not one as experienced as Hardy.]

I understand why we don't have a 2nd kicker now.

We are still putting together an entire roster.

I found that Boreham appeared nervous and almost looked uncertain as to whether he could execute a decent punt.

I understand the implications the weather presented but regardless of the weather situation, I think he is a capable punter but I find his confidence level inconsistant.

How about that Late hit on Colbourne?

I don't mind USING a second roster spot on a second kicker when we have inexperienced kickers. It's not a WASTED spot because these kids have to gain some experience.

It's a lot different if you have an older guy who can handle both jobs like a Paul McCallum in BC or Sean Fleming in Edmonton. But Edmonton, as well as Winnipeg, took the dual role away from their kickers this year. I guess they are trying to groom a kicker to replace their rapidly aging kickers which, in hindsight, sounds like something we should have done as Ozzy got older.

A complete lack of discipline penality. I hope Austin gave him trouble for that!

Hey, we used to have a backup kicker. His name was Jamie Boreham. The only problem is that we didn't have a starting kicker!

Goooooooooooooooooo Irish.

Can't wait to see Setta boot the ball tonight.

One good punt amongst several avg.to below avg. with little height.

Yup, that's our Jamie.

Poor Jamie! lol

It's not that he's a bad guy or anything...

He just needs to find another career.

its odd that his first year was much better than those that followed. I mean.. who gets worse the more they do something?

Serial killers?

The Leafs. Two years running.

An Argo-Cat fan

Hamilton city council..