Hey Defense...there's FOUR quarters in a game

Last week Calgary fought hard, but the D played soft with the lead.

This week, our D made Hamilton look better than they are.

Everyone knows Bad Henry shows up when linebacker pressure gets in his face. It worked great in the first 3 quarters...why did we stop? He can't find receivers when he's on his back.

I blame this one squarely on the defensive play calling. Oh, and Nick Graham didn't help either, but defensive pressure packages hide that glaring weakness in our secondary, especially since it takes time to run the crossing routes that kept beating him.

I think its Durant's fault. I mean it's a minute left in the game and the only place Durant can throw a ball is at the birds or in the dirt. Plus for two straight weeks he practically gives the opponent the ball to score a touchdown. If anything Durant let the team down. And Durant, wipe that expression off your face, it looks like you got a tack in your pants :lol:

You can't place this on DD. After our D gives up 19 points, DD is doing all he can to try and score points. Mic anything he tried too hard and fumbled the ball.

I agree on the play calling. Mtime for Chamblin to talk to Ritchie to shake up how he calls the game when we are ahead.

I agree - DD didn't lose this game for us - our D and field goal kicking did the job all on their own. We got very little pressure on Burris all night and then in the 4 th quarter he could've filed his finger nails before he had to throw a pass to whichever wide-open receiver he chose which he did with nauseauting regularity. Note to Richie - don't go into your bend but don't break shell after we get a large lead - 2 weeks in a row your strategy was disasterous.

By the way who was the brain that decided that Luca wasn't good enough to be our field goal kicker? It's not improving with Milo it's only getting worse. I have no confidence in him whether it is 20 yards or 50 yards. We are going to lose more games because of missed field goals.

Totally agree on the kicking. Is Milo a good punter? Yes he is an amazing punter, but for the life of him cant kick a 20 yard field goal. Had we got a better fg kicker we could be 5-0 right now. :wink:

Why is everyone putting it totally on our D?? I agree our defense needed to be better, but our offense shit** the bed in the 4th quarter both games too! If our offense could have put together a few drives our defense wouldn't have needed to have been on the field as long.. Best defense is a good offense!

I am not saying that the defense isn't a big part of the reason we have lost, but come on you have to realize that the offense did just as bad and played probably a bigger part in us losing. If we scored more points the lead stays big.. but no we kept going 2 and out and getting 0 points until we were behind!

Agreed, that 2nd and 2 pass was a huge miss. Give the ball to Sheets.

I also wish we had a fullback who was a little bit bigger.. This is one of the many reasons I was so sad to see Chris Szarka go! Not that I don't love Neil Hughes and what he does.. its just he isn't Chris Szarka! If you had 2 yards that you needed to get all you had to do was give the ball to #33 and you would have those yards! We don't have that anymore! Hughes is pretty much the same size as Sheets!
Maybe when Graham Bell gets back he can be that.. he has an extra 20lbs that could be used nicely in short down situations!