Hey Cortez, This is the CFL. On 3&1 We GO FOR IT

I can't remember which game, but Porter got stuck on a third and one. Ever since Cortez has been nervous of going for it in this situation. If he can't figure out this basic fundamental of the CFL then he doesn't deserve to be here. He should still be holding a clipboard in Buffalo or maybe a head coach in the pantyhose league. So far he hasn't proven he's fit to coach in this league.

Well said..Cheers

I have been a staunch defender of Cortez all year (not easy), but today, I give up.

That all boils down to the offensive line play. If you can't block when the other team is one yard off the ball you have problems. Sad part about this entire team............ George Cortez handpicked each and every player. Too late to fix this train wreck. Like I said before the Late August game against Montreal ............. Cats will be 3 and 7 after labour day. I should buy more lottery tickets, some things are just too easy to predict.