Hey Cohon ! You enviro green or Rider Green

How can you be promoting a green initiative when some of your franchises are creating tons of wasted aluminum per game? Stop yapping and show us!

Something like a grocery store selling any green sorts of products and yet only giving out plastic bags to put your groceries in. :wink:

In my opinion, which is not based on any kind of scientific theory just my own version of common sense, by using cans, the riders are creating way less waste. The cans or bottles will be there regardless. If they have to pour them into cups that is just creating twice the waste. Plus plastic cups are not nearly as easily recycled. I am pretty sure that the Riders recycle a good percentage of the cans they dish out.
The only way they use plastic cups with less or equal waste is with Draft beer. And I sure as heck do not want that. Draft gives me headaches.

Keep your mouth shut and no one will notice :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted: :lol: :cowboy:

That's why I am suggesting they sell drought beer. big kegs that get reused thousands of times. Plastic cup you can't throw further then 3 feet and probably 200 pounds total of recyclables.

make people pay a 2 buck deposit on the cups.

At least that will help pay for cleanup.

They'd have a lot of thirsty customers. Better off selling draught beer. :wink:

Two per customer in cups will be fine. And it doesn't have be watered down urine either. They can sell premium beer.