hey canadians.............

just wondering how you guys up north would feel if the nfl expanded to canada. doubt it will happen, just wondering.

boo… you’ll find that most posters on here don’t like the NFL, and for good reason. It’s boring compared to our game. Case in point?? This year’s Grey Cup game…

yah, right. if the nfl is sooooo boring then why in the hell is it the premier football league in the world???
oh yah, go watch some american college football, it is the shiznit. better than the cfl AND nfl.

The only place in Canada that would even have a chance of getting an NFL team would be likely be Toronto. But since some big shots there have been trying to get one for years and are constantly refused I don't see it happening anytime soon.

I love the NFL, nearly as much as I love the CFL, but I don't like them expanding to Canada. I think it would be a tough pill for the CFL to swallow if the NFL came to Toronto.

As far as college football goes, I do like it a lot, but I don't like the BCS series, should be a play-off format (basketball does it why can't football), I don't like the competitive difference between the teams (I don't like 70-3 blow-outs), and I don't like that they stop the clock after every first down, the game takes an awful long time to complete.

However I will watch the USC-Texas game which will be quite intruiging.

However I will watch the USC-Texas game which will be quite intruiging.
tuck fexas. BOOMER SOONER!!!!!!!!!

Everyone knows Okies are wannabe Texans.

The main reason why the NFL is the world's "premier" football league is because that's where the money is. Entertainment value has nothing to do with it. And, how much you're entertained is personal choice. Personally, I find Canadian football to be much more entertaining than American football. But, I wouldn't be surprised if many Americans would not let themselves be entertained by Canadian football, for fear of "betraying" (for lack of a better word) the brand of football they've loved all along.
How would I feel about the NFL expanding to Canada? I would go to all lengths to stop it. I would boycott it completely and encourage others to follow suit. In short, I would hate it. Yet another example of American expansionism, and of shoving American crap down other's throats. All of a sudden, the CFL would fall off the media map, and that wouldn't be good. I don't hate the NFL, but I would if it expanded into Canada. However, the CFL is my favourite league, bar none, and I'll stick by it forever.
Fortunately, as much as the Devil's son, Paul Godfrey, tries, the NFL will never expand to Canada. Thank God!

just isn't gonna happen, the goverment wouldn't allow it.

The NFL needs the CFL to exist for monopoly reasons and doesn't want to do anything to hinder the CFL. Yes, Godfrey in Toronto got a couple of exhibition games in Toronto back in the 90's and he wants a regualar season game there but Toronto will lose out to London for next years game from what I've read. The NFL doesn't need Toronto, they already have lots of NFL fans in Toronto and Canada. Their focus will be on Europe, developing NFL Europe and maybe at some point getting a full NFL franchise there to grow the game internationally.
And there is no NFL standard stadium in Canada now and I don't one being developed here. Godfrey continues to say the NFL may be coming to Toronto for one simple reason: he really wants the CFL to go under in southern Ontario more now than ever as the TiCats have over 17,000 season ticket holders and the Argos over 10,000 which is taking away from the Blue Jay base. People here have only so much money on sports entertainment and time to attend games and the CFL resurgence here has him worried. One reason why the Blue Jays are spending madly lately to compete with the TiCats and Argos.

I hope the Blue Jays will stay.

I don't think the NFL will ever go international.

CFL might get a league in Europe called the "Continental Football League Euro", but NFL will never go international.

Not sure about that KK with the NFL never going international. Baseball is having a world championship next year I think it is and don't think for a minute the NFL doesn't know this. They want, and need, to grow the game more internationally to be on the world map more, which means more revenue generation.
I also have nothing agains't the Jays, have no interest in going to baseball games, but I don't like Godfrey and his out and out bashing of the CFL. But I guess I should know that everyone knows his motivation to do anything to build the Jays organization and if it takes bashing the CFL, then he will do it. No surprise from our good buddy Paul.

if the NFL wants to go international, it should fund a world championship of American football games with teams from some of the nations of the world, and do this every 4 years, like the AFL/VFL is doing in Australia.

their is no need to expand the NFL to include teams in London, Paris, etc. heck it could compromise the current teams, the Cards, the Saints, and the Packers could be moving to Europe!

Canada placed 7th out of 12 this year in the international rankings of Aussie ball. give yourselves a pat n the back. :smiley:

I love a guy who asks a question then argues with the answer. :roll:


haha. lol.

Sorry , BUT there are only 2 FOOTBALL leagues in the world [3 , if you include AUST. rules FOOTBALL]..........

The CFL is a 1 country sport , the NFL is a 1 country sport.

Even HOCKEY [not the STANLEY CUP], BASKETBALL[not the NBA final] , RUGBY , have TRUE world championships and are in the OYLIMPICS, as well........ :smiley:

The WORLDS biggest team sport is SOCCER , the SUPERBOWL doesn't even come close to soccers , THE WORLD CUP. :lol:

A record 192 COUNTRIES , tried to quaily for the last world cup of soccer's , final 32 spots.

The NFL , is just like NASCAR .

SOCCER , is major l. world wide , the NFL is in one country.

FORUMLA 1 , is major l. world wide NASCAR , is mostley in 1 country.

They are throw back Texans!

NFL is like back yard football. Or football on a postage stamp boring! I prefer US college football then the NFL that is sleep mode for me.

Baseball got kicked out of the Olympics, THANK GOD!

but then again that just gives the crapy MLB a reason to call the championship "The World Series" JC! :roll:

Haven't seen you on here before and don't know if you are a CFL fan or not, but as an American CFL fan I'll try to be brief!

The NoFunLeague and it's fans THINK it is the premier league wholly and simply because of MONEY!. Plus the fact that we live in a country that continiously tells people that we are the BEST at everything just because we say so. The fact is that yes america does have alot more money to spend then Canada, it also has 10 times the population, but the CFL is the older league, the faster league, the more exciting league, And the most loyal fans.

As far as the nfl throughout the world?? There are only two countries that play this version of Football and play it well. (and please don't say nfl Europe...it's just a minor league for the nfl) This version of the game originated in Canada and the U.S. adopted a slightly different game. But....to say you are the best in the WORLD is ludicrous unless you actually PLAY someone from another country.