Hey Canada!

Hey guys,

First post!

I'm 28 years old, born deaf in both ears, and I'm an American fan, from Maine. I've been following the CFL for a few years now.

Haven't really followed any teams in particular, but I would say my favourite team is the Saskatoon Rough Riders, only because I like the name of the place :lol:

But I just wanted to say, you guys have a beautiful league up there, and I hope to buy tickets off of ebay, maybe for a Montreal or Toronto game.

Look forward to debating with you all!


Dont go through EBAY.... use the teams website.

Welcome Clyde! Glad you like our game as much as we do! It's one of Canada's best kept secrets you know :wink:

Take a trip up to Montreal sometime and go to a game! Like Ro says, try the team's site first for a ticket.

It's "Saskatchewan" Roughriders... they play out of Regina, not Saskatoon...

Welcome, man! 8) :thup:

Out of curiosity, can you hear anything at all? Like with a hearing aid?

Welcome. Dont let all the bickering between all the old ladies on the forum get to you. Theres a lot of good stuff here. If I was a new fan from the US I would have probably picked Saskatchewan too.

you should have picked the eskimos, but i'm always glad to see american fans. now maybe you can talk some sense into canadians who like the nfl for some dumb reason

Welcome to the board. I have never been to Montreal for a football game but Molson stadium looks to have a much better atmosphere then Toronto’s Skydome. Mind you the Skydome is interesting to see, but still, I would imagine it lacks in atmosphere compared to Molson Stadium. Enjoy either way.

I'd suggest you go to Hamilton, because Montreal tickets will be near impossible to get and TO's atmosphere isn't as good as Hamiltons(if the team actually wins a game lol)

But if you can get up to montreal in 2 weeks for the TO vs. MTL game in the Big Owe or a MTL playoff game in the big owe that should be a good atmosphere even if it is in a horrible stadium.

Sorry buddy. Thanks for the heads up, I'll be sure not to make that mistake again.

First of all, thank you TorontoIsMyHome.

Secondly, I can't hear anything. I communicate by sign language. I do hear noises, but it is impossible for me to communicate with anyone.

And to everyone, thank you for the welcome. I knew I would be accepted by Canadians.

It's a great league, very exciting. I love how you can get points on different things.

Like I said, I chose Saskatchewan because of the name. I know Saskatchewan is a very small province and I like that. It's so different seeing sport teams from there, unlike Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary etc.

Anyways, today in New Hampshire we got the Saskatchewan/Calgary game. I got home for the 2nd half (it was a work day for us :frowning: ) Very entertaining, some real exciting plays.

Can't wait until next weekend, so I can watch a full game.

Does New Hampshire share IP addresses with Montreal, per chance? Serious question...not tryin' to be a bag or anything...

Welcome to the site Clyde, glad to have another fan on board :slight_smile:

as per jm02s post: ClydeBowman = pwned?

It's okay, I'm not insulted or anything.

I grew up, with people giving me funny looks because of my disability. So, if someone insults New Hampshire, which is the case across all of the States that I have visited, it doesn't bother me at all.

So, go ahead, say what you want about it. 8)

By the way, here we got the Toronto/Montreal game showing Saturday morning, should this be a good game or what?

Whats your disability got to do with it. JM02 is asking a question about your IP being from Montreal. Why is that?

Oh ok, I actually misread Jman02's message.

I'm from the United States, so I figured I would have to be from a Canadian city to register to this forum. There's alot of American forums that you need to have to be in the States to signup. I chose Montreal, because it is the closest CFL city to me.

I am sorry for using my disability as a way of sympathy. I really misread Jman02's post, and thought it was a shot at New Hampshire, and Mpdid was saying I was "pwned". I just wanted to say that I am use to being looked at or laughed at(mostly by young kids, but they don't know better), so I was just saying it's okay.

Sorry guys,

Registering from one city, and posting from an IP address within that city, are not mutually exclusive.

Hey man, I say head to the big game, the Grey Cup is November 25th, it is the first time in Toronto in 15 years. I will personally be there, and am pumped about it!

Welcome aboard Clyde. Happy to have you here!