Hey Bombers, the U of W wants its helmet back

Seriously, the University of Washington should charge the Bombers a royalty fee for copying their helmet. :oops:

Other way round, troll.

Leo Lewis and Ken Ploen played for the Bombers from the mid-50s to the mid-60s.

Worst troll post of the year, so far, lol.

Nope! The worst one is this:

The new Bombers uniform has already caused a casualty... Buck Pierce injured himself putting it on! He will miss the first 6 games of the season.

People think the "W" on the helmet stands for Winnipeg. It actually stands for Wait. As in:

The new Bomber stadium was supposed to open in July. But, people will have to WAIT until September, cause the project is behind schedule :cowboy:

No...the W stands for WINNER....which will happen in November 2012. in T.O. :stuck_out_tongue:

You must be really drunk to say such a silly thing... :oops:

4 troll posts and counting, keep the ammo coming.

...Give him the hook pigseye...the guy is obviously rambling :lol:

Considering I have had a Bombers helmet magnet on my fridge since I was born 25 years ago that looks almost exactly the same as th "new helmet" except on the fridge it's a white face mask and the new one I believe is Blue, it seems the U of W should be paying the Bombers!

You think 25 years is a long time?! The Washington Huskies have been playing football since 1889. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers were founded in 1930. I’m not saying that Winnipeg copied or stole Washington’s logo or anything, but Washington football has been around a lot longer than Winnipeg football. I’m not trolling. I’m just stating facts.

...Who cares....Bombers have won more Grey Cups than that other team with the W...that's all that matters... :wink:

How long either team has been around is irrelevant to the claim made by the troll who started this thread.

Strange how a city with the name Winnipeg, lets see if people get where im going here or is it easier to spell it out.. W W W W W W W W winnipeg.... has a W on the side of its helmet.. Weird how that happens.. I mean, make much more sense for the Winnipeg team to maybe put a Q or an R on the helmet instead.

This whole thread.. University of Washington.. which is located in the USA, not canada.. weird how the poster obviously didnt remember that Canada and the USA are 2 seperate countries. i mean, that right there just lost me.. First time i saw this thread i thought oh.. U of W.. university of Winnipeg.. okkk.. that would make more sense atleast, seeing as its actually located in the same country... but nope U of W refers to a place in the united states and that just, well, i suggest the OP take a look at a map.