Hey Bombers fans...

I’m trying to keep an eye on every team’s training camp. It looks like Russ Michna is an unexpected star in the Peg. He seems to deliver impressive results quite every day.

On the other hand, I haven’t heard anything about Tee Martin. I read many good words on Kevin Glenn and some about Spergon Wynn too, but nothing about Martin.

Could Michna steal Martin’s spot on your depth chart? What do you guys think? How would you rank your 4 QBs right now?

I smells a trade for one of our promising QB’S …it’s going to be tough to figure out which one as Tee Martin,Kevin Glenn, Spergon Wynn and this new kid MICHNA have all looked very impressive given their chances…rumours are maybe a trade with TO. …but for WHO is anyone’s guess…we’ll see how pre-season games pan out…unbelievable how Michna came into camp and picked our style of game up so quick…very smart QB…great future. :smiley:

The position battle for QB in the Peg involves so many players that I feel your starter will end up loaded with an unfair pressure. With too many people waiting to get his job, he won’t be allowed a lot of mistakes.

And since you have 4 young QBs, all of them need to make mistakes to gain experience. To become a good QB, you need to be given the chance to clean your own mess. I wonder how quickly your coach will jump to another QB shall the eventual starter not deliver enough.

oh I don’t think Daly will make any hasty decisions and will give everyone a REAL GOOD look before coming up with a final roster…exerience will probably play a great part in who the starter will be…but performance will be the final point in deciding who will start at QB. and who won’t. :!:

Trade Glenn to Toronto, Martin to Hamilton, and Wynn to Ottawa, and then bring back Stanley Jackson.


Seriously, I think the job is at least initially Glenn’s to lose…My guess would be that Wynn would have the inside track on the number 2 spot just by virtue of CFL game experience. Martin may have talent, but we all can recall college hotshots who fell flat on their faces when coming to the CFL, so I suppose the 3rd spot comes down to him and Michna and if Michna continues to impress, Martin may be moving on.

Agreed, but consider this…would a trade back to the 'Peg be bad for Gary…er, Khari? They seem to be solid at o-line and the EE might be poised to take a run…just my take on what it’ll take to take a serious run on the GC.

Khari back in the Peg? Nah… Wouldn’t be a good marketing move. Winnipeg will not be a Cup contender this year no matter what. What they need to do is develop as much as they can their young QB corp to have a chance at making the long run in 2006 when they host the big game.

As for Khari going back to Winnipeg, not only do I think this would piss the Bombers fans, but I really don’t know why the Eskimos would send a capable weapon to a western opponent, especially since there is not much that Edmonton needs and Winnipeg has. I could see the Esks trying to get Charles Roberts, but Winnipeg would just not give away their best weapon.

As impressive as Michna has been at camp, odds are that he will be relegated to the practise roster. He was brought in as a project player, someone that would develop over time.

As for Martin, I have heard on lots of occasions that he was singled out by coaching staff as one of the players of the day at TC. I haven’t heard that honour with Glenn’s name attached to it very often though.

Glenn will be the starter at the beginning of the season and IMO he will be the starter come the end of the season. Both guys are talented and it shows, but Martin has next to nothing for CFL experience, except for this training camp. Wynn is an experienced backup and will become a starter in this league. But Glenn stepped up last year and showed signs of brilliance. It will only take time for him to develop into one of the best in the league, regardless of his size or arm strength.

It’s unfortunate that there is limited time in exhibition games for these kids to impress. One or two bad quarters does not make you a bad QB, but in the CFL sometimes it can cost you a spot on the depth chart or even your job.

I would think this new kid is going to get every opportunity to impress if they like him in camp as the others (except for Martin) have been around a while and have done relatively little in the league so far.

  1. Martin
  2. Wynn
  3. Glenn
  4. Michna

I wish they let Martin play last year, especially when we knew there was no playoff spot to be had. He did some really good things in College. Wynn put up a good showing in the Allen QB Challenge, and I think he could be a star with the right recieving core. Glenn: don’t like him at all…I wish he would just leave. He is not the QB the Bombers need to get to the Grey Cup. And Michna, if he continues to work like he is now, we will have quite the QB in him in the coming years.


The bombers last year were in the running for a playoff spot up to the last game of the season I remember they were up against Edmonton vying for that last spot thats definitley not time to play your backup. At the beginning of the year I would imagine that Glenn would get the job initially he did alright last year and almost pulled the team into the playoffs. He never seemed to blow games so he should be getting the starters job initially

ive heard just as much good things this year about martin as glenn and michna will be on the practice roster at best by season start, Martin could not play last year cause he really didnt know the plays and the flow of the cfl , but i say let glenn keep the job until he faulters and then i would like to see martin but i think it will be wynn, but we ll see, i dont think glenn will be starting at seasons end

Got to play a preseason game first to see if this guy can act great in a real game.

He could be a big bust or a big star. Can you believe we have 4 QB’s that any team would love to have now?

Yup, we’d love to have any of your 4 QBs… as a back-up.