Hey Bomber fans...

Your team is getting worse every game. The honeymoon is over. Hate to say I told you so, but...

LOL A little early for that....

I do not understand why as Ticat fans we would want to piss another team off after a big lose like last night. My point is they get pissed off and come back and spank our hinnies next game. Leave well enough alone already.

:cowboy: :wink:

While we're getting the attention of Bomber fans, I wonder what they think of this video: http://ticats.ca/video/index/id/12553

I thought it was funny. But would they?

A lot of fans have been commenting in the Free Press, one...fixating on the blown call re:fumble and two.....calling for Kavis Reeds firing.

8) Some Bomber fans are already calling for LaPolice to be fired !!
 Apparently Mike Kelly was spotted at the Bon Jovi concert last night in Winnipeg.    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

What blown call? it was a blown whistle

And most on the Bomber forum were laughing at me for being furious with the refs after they cost us the game against Calgary, and a few days before the game we said that they'd be just as mad if they got screwed over by the refs and they assured us that they wouldn't because it's all part of the CFL.Singing a different tune now :lol:
Refs suck this year and they really need to cut it out with their love affair with Calgary's secondary.They get away with murder.

Video is great, if the peg fans don't have a sense of humour they know what they can do.
News Flash, Buck Pierce was seen limping off the plane at the Winnipeg airport.
Apparently he was hurt before he got to tiger town. This would explain for his lack of mobility compared to the first game.
He missed a practice earlier in the wk due to the suspected knee injury.
Chances are he will be out for a few games.

I heard rumors that it will be at LEAST 4 games.I may look crazy here but I say good!
Jyles deserves the chance to start, hell I though he only signed in Winnipeg because he was PROMISED the starting job.
Jyles will do well this week

Now who could'nt see Buckaroo getting hurt??

Oh wait a minute...

That's right...The Blew Bummer clairvoyante front office who paid for him...

News flash, Buck will miss the Edmonton game to hopefully get ready for a peg. Cat rematch.

I would rather face Buck than Jyles anyday. Both are strong but I think Jyles is the better of the two.

New flash, Buck is reported to be out for 4 wks. according to TSN.

Was this on Sportscentre? TSN.ca says he'll be missing Week 4, not 4 weeks.


It's too bad, he was playing the best football of his career.

I just saw on TSN that he'll miss week four. I haven't heard anything anywhere else about him being out after that.

So it looks like it could be Pierce or Jyles who'll play us on week 6.

It also said in the TSN article that they are looking for a third string QB. Alex Brink, who Obie traded to WPG to move up in the draft, is now their second stringer.

They could always sign Bishop or Joseph

Or Get Stefan LeFors to show up. :smiley:
He's on the suspended list isn't he?