HEY BOB....... Temp Stadium Idea!!!

Im sure the Cats organization is still scrambling to find a temp place to play for 2013. I also hear OLG is closing tracks around the area too ie. Flamborough Downs and/or Fort Erie .... Once 1 closes (if they do), reto fit a CFL field. The zoning is already in place, some stands are there and the parking is ample. Tones of room for temp seat too!!!!!
Although it seem a little far fetched, I see it as a WIN/WIN!!! :thup: :cowboy:

Great Idea, Your a GENIUS Moonbase, right under our noses and nobody thought of this !! Brilliant !!

Ample Parking, A Huge Field, Grand Stands, Close to Hamilton !! :thup:

If you retro fit it they will come !!

Food for thought that's for sure.

Excellent idea. When they firm up this plan let me help compose the letter where they tell McMaster to shove it up their butt.

Ok Sober thought- the new stadium is costing only 100 mil or so, are they going to put out 25 mil for temp stadium????

that is definitely a novel idea Moonbase. :thup:

Why not go a step further, and propose constructing the new permanent Stadium on these grounds? (seriously)
Now that would be an ideal sport and entertainment complex.

More than ample property for parking, field, grand stands, concessions, restaurants, theatres, slots, seating, highway access/visibility, and much much more!
(no need for limbo season either)

Yes, I dare to dream.. :cowboy:

Sounds good to me tangleweb...... a perfect set up!! A permanent stadium attacted to an OLG slots facility. Wow, imagine that, top tier concerts too!! Lets keep dreaming!!!

yes, concerts as well.

and possibly, a velodrome. :stuck_out_tongue:
then subsequently the big box stores, malls, theatres etc etc etc

With such a prime location (Hwy 5+6) and surrounding amenities/attractions, the stadium could easily host Grey Cups and a facility with a large contemporary seating capacity to meet the public demand of a new generation of fans…

I could just envision 50,000 vociferous TiCats fans in such a stadium complex…


Instead of Horse night, its Ticats night, with betting !!

Yes, you could put the football field in the in-field and retain the horse track. They could even have horse races going on at the same time as a Ticat game - a mixture of horse race fans betting and the Ticat fans. That would be unique.

It's just too bad it won't happen as a permanent fixture, it's too late the Pan Am games have committed to the IWS re-build for the Pam Am soccer and they are in the process of choosing the winning bid.

A permanent stadium at Flamboro would have been a great idea a year ago, it has a lot of advantages.

Anyone know what they will be doing with the track area now that the OLG has pulled funding for the live racing?

There would be no Future Fund money used for a stadium in Flamborough that's for sure. If it wasn't going to happen at EM, no way in Flamborough.

Holy crap what a great location. Too bad its too late. That would have been an easy sell
if it came up 2 years ago. Thats what irritates me about this city, a good idea comes up
but no one would have the cujones to initiate anything. We need someone with vision to
spearhead ideas like this.

Have you people been smoking those funny cigarettes?

Wait a minute, who is saying the Flamboro Downs is closing?

ED, the OLG recently announced they will pull it's funding for horse racing venues across the province, (effective later this year) focusing more on gaming entities.

Flamboro Downs will remain open, although not with live racing, just gaming and slots.

Equine owners/ranchers/breeders/hands are not pleased as the industry employs a decent amount of people.

Yes I think it's an excellent location but we are screwed by timing. Just imagine if the province had announced 18 months ago that they were pulling the OLG slots out of Flamboro. A stadium would be a great way to keep the area going. Possibly a new home for the Argos too.

I think it's the other way around. OLG has an agreement with Flamboro Downs for slot machines, but the agreement is going to end soon. Losing the slot machine revenues will make it harder, if not impossible, to keep horse racing going.

Yes you are right,Flamboro Downs will close when the slots are closed. Fort Erie is closing down because OLG is pulling out and the same in Ottawa at Rideau Carleton raceway and the racetrack just off the 400 near Barrie too.

The horse racing can't survive without the money that was put in by OLG. OLG wants to get out of these locations at race tracks and hand over the running of Casinos to the private sector and locate them to city centres.