Hey Bob...Is My rebate in the Mail????

Start of the year there was complaints on season ticket packages. Then complaints on beer prices and rising ticket prices. Then complaints that water and other food items were not allowed in the game and the response was that this is a buisiness. Prices were increased and fun extras as printed tickets were stopped to pay for the best players and a great football team on the field.
Well after tonight I am sure many are thinking money well spent!!!! I am all for taking a butt whipping but when your team quits half way through the first quarter something has to give.
Players were walking through plays, and barely going through the motions. Walking slower than Danny Mac and ozzy on and off the field and others decising plays on their own ( like say fake punt on your 20 yard line at 3rd and 19).
It is apparent this team has shipped it in not even half way through the season and my money and promises of an exciting football team are out the window.
I got a reminder card in the mail today about the game time change (nice touch but wonder what they cost) and assume my rebate coupon for season tickets next year are on the way???? or will the prices increase from what us 3 year subscribers (who have sat through these bad three years) are paying now????

Just a frustrated and somewhat worried fan (fear that this team and organization is sinking quicker than the Titantic)

I agree that the three year season ticket plan people totally got a horrible 3 years. Yes, one so so year that we made the playoffs only to get our butts kicked. We better get some good prices for the next three years or the days of 27,000 people will be gone..

this years Season Ticket package was bad..
Just ad's and Garbage..

How about some Free bees..
Like a Hat or Somthing..

When pay Close to 500 Dollars a Seat for box J .. The Least they can do..

I hear you Ty.....we work our butts off all week long to put food on our table....pay our bills......educate our kids....and hopefully can scrape up a few dollars for some fun to make it all worth while.....WHAM...we hit a wall....spending those hard earned dollars on pathetic entertainment.....usually when we buy something their is an expectation of a certain peformance from the goods....if the tv we buy does not work up to snuff we send it back....if the food is bad we send it back...but not with the ti-cats....slick advertising...promises of good things to come.....and still a terrible product....shame on you bob young and the rest of the ti-cat staff....taking the money of hard working people for really nothing in return.....

Yes Bob Young is too nice of a guy.Bob doesnt understand a team is built on heart and pride! Marketing is based on hatred!Destroy the basis of sports you will destroy your team and city pride Mr. Bob Young!