Hey Bob I have an idea (tongue in cheek)

I am sure someone probably thought of this but why doesn't Bob think of playing our two exhibition games in Buffalo. Of course it would have to be against B.C. given Mr. Ackles understanding of the N.F.L.

There is no football in Buffalo in June (some would say there is no football in Buffalo at any time but I digress)

Yeah I know the CFL would be against it and you would have to play somewhere other than at R.W.S. but I wonder how many angry Bills fans would show up out of anger against Ralph for a game like this (any buddy remember Baltimore?)

Probably combined with Ticat fans it would be a whole lot more than a normal exhibition game 30, 000 plus?

If that doesn't work how about Bob talks to some friends and developes a five year plan to play exhibition games and two regular season games in Buffalo (we have 18 after all) and eventually they put a CFL team in Buffalo to replace the one that left from Toronto (some think that is inevitable,I do not.)

What if the NFL tries to come to Toronto and dies a la World League, NFL Europe etc... while the CFL goes into Buffalo and thrives, 30-40 thousand fans at 30-100 bucks a game in Buffalo makes way more sense then those who think people even Torontonians are going to pay 200 plus to watch the NFL. We might even be able to go to Buffalo to get tickets because the Ticat games are soldout, reminds me a bit of the Leafs and Sabres.

Seriously, I still believe the people of Toronto and Buffalo are being played against each other. Within 5 to 7 years the Galisano Dome or something like it will either be complete or in the works and the Bills will be playing every game in their new facility with their new owner in Buffalo.

If not, in five years put a CFL team in Buffalo!

i would prefer rochester to buffalo if your going to the USA. as for your exibition game idea, i would rather see them play in London and Kingston. Richardson memorial stadium at Queens can be expanded to 15, 000, and TD waterhouse stadium can be expanded to 16, 000. Not to mention the stadiums are dirt cheap to operate, and you could probably hike up ticket prices a bit compared to a regular pre-season game.

My brother is a Queen's football alum. I'm sure he'would be all for playing the game in Kingston.