Hey BC Fans...

Awesome win lastnight!

I was obviously cheering for my boys in Blue & Gold, but man, what a game. Props to the win and the beast you have in Travis Lulay. While Winnipeg showed some flashes it was always pretty much BC's game. Good on you. Watched it in Italy, a bunch of us stayed up until 4am.

Enjoy it. The Winnipeg drought continues :frowning:

Somebody should have made me an avatar bet :stuck_out_tongue: Can't wait until next season! At least this year I have the Jets to tide me over until Bomber Football starts again.


Glad you enjoyed the game mpdid...we'll see what next season brings as far as the avatar bet goes.
Congrats again to the B.C. Lions and fans.

I tried to pm you mpdid regarding avatars, but it would seem to be stuck in the outbox. In any case, glad you enjoyed the game.

There was post about this awhile back and was pointed out by Blue Blood that the message would stay in the outbox until the said (PM) was opended at the receiving end of things. After that you can move it to your inbox, atleast that is how I understood it on why the PM just sits there.

Huh, fair enough. That's a bit of an odd way of doing it.

Aw man, were you doing that avatar bet thing again? I would have done it, woulda been nice to win one, haha.

Thanks for the props mpdid, the Bombers had an outstanding season going from 4th place and a 4-14 record to 1st place and a 10-8 record. They didn't have a lot of playoff experience and I think this will help them down the road, especially if their roster and coaching staff can remain relatively stable.

I'm looking forward to what next season brings, and if the Lions aren't in the big game, I hope the drought ends for ya!