Hey BB Fans, Have we gone nuts or what?

I really have to wonder what is happening here. We just lost 3/4 of our offensive line and all we can talk about is how stupid the refs are. Should we not be talking about how we will cover that off instead.

These threads that gone on forever and usually end up in slinging insults back and forth. I too enjoy sending the barbs but when it becomes demeaning the fun is gone.

I have really enjoyed this forum and since I bleed blue, I have tried to stick up for my team. I would gladly give up a regular game if it meant the difference between a win or injuries. Coming here after a loss can make one's life pretty miserable but hey we have dished out a few good licks ourselves. How about it guys?

I think we will be able to fill in the holes ok, but that Edmonton game has me a bit nervous

I love rhetorical questions --- they're just too tempting.

Seriously, fact that you lost 3 O-linemen and have to play on a short turnaround is going to be difficult no matter what Taman can do to fill the holes.

But then again, you're only playing Schmoes. Just get them to take their usual quota of penalties on defence and that'll help you move down fiweld and score TDs. :wink:

...and i don't want to hear no complaining about the 'short' week...time to move on ...you're right in one respect Lebird...the officiating will never drastically change...but when you don't point something out that you feel is wrong..you deserve the type of officiating you get...and we will not carry on with this ad-nauseum...Should be a good game in the igloo tomorrow :wink:

could not agree more my friend … getting pulled into the cheap slaggin and namecalling demeans this entire forum. We have an offensive line to patch together and some discipine issues to address. This team is going in the right direction all in all. Win or lose we play a good game in EDM tommorrow and we are in good shape. Looking forward to seeing Henri Childs get some touches.

I wouldnt be worried we got abou,warner and childs.Warner will get at least 1 sack this game