Hey Barker!

[i]Yeah you, fatso Jim Barker! Tanks alot! After poaching our head coach in training (Milanovich) and stealing half of our staff, you refuse the Alouettes the right to interview someone on your staff! This is the second time it happens!

You can steal off of everyone's plate, but others can't even look at yours?! What goes around comes around jerkwad! :thdn: [/i]

and....you think Jim Barker comes to a message board to hear what CFL fans think..ahmmm

I’m sure Jim Barker wouldn’t stand in the way of someone on his staff getting a promotion. Like at OC or DC moving up to a HC, or someone moving up to a OC. Jim Popp is staying as the GM/HC from what I have read. The Als already have a DC in Noel Thorpe, so who on the Argos staff could move that wasn’t a lateral move. I don’t think Jason Maas is ready to be a OC.

Yup, of course he does! He reads all the posts in the afternoon, while eating his 3:22 snack before his 3:26 meal. He then rechecks the forums after his second dinner at 7:18, and before his early breakfast at 7:26.

I hope you're aware of how irrelevant this thread is, with O'Shea and CJ becoming HC this year. and half their assistants leaving as well.

I think Shivers will follow Jones to Edmonton. Maybe Maas as I believe he still lives in Edmonton in the off season. Both are probably on one year contracts that will be up shortly, so they wouldn't have to receive a promotion to switch teams. Don't know if they are quite ready for the OC and DC jobs. But you never know, Maas has been around some good Coaches and Shivers could be the DC with Chris Jones over seeing everything.

Stephen MacDoo will be the OC in Edmonton. Not sure who will be the DC there, I could see Jones doing a double duty however.

So far we have lost:

Chris Jones EDM HC
Mike O'Shea Winn HC
Stephen MacDoo EDM OC

And like you mentioned, Maas, Shivers and possibly even Ed Philion could all be gone before it is said and done.

I think at some point we add Casey Creehan to our staff (likely LB coach) and Markus Howell is my dark horse for ST coordinator.

Surprising if MacDoo becomes the OC in Edmonton. As a former Offensive Lineman he seems to be more in his element being the Oline Coach. But if true, I guess a raise in pay to OC, and being familiar with Chris Jones would be the big reason for him to leave Toronto.

Toronto has had quite a bit of success in obtaining MAC players perhaps a MAC coach in Steph P, who coubled as the Mauraders STs coach in recent seasons could be ready to make that jump to the pros without having to move and talk up a possible look at QB Kyle Quinlan.
Toronto is looking for to expand its fan base and a real shot for a Canadian QB could just do it in the GTA.
Just wondering

Would be great to see but I doubt it. Seems like Canadian HC's only get a shot where there's a Canadian GM. Quinlan walked away from the Als, I don't think the Argos would go after him.

Just read my post and realized that you weren't suggesting Ptazek as HC. Sorry Steve.

Thats cool. Just wondering what the thoughts were on a CIS coach like him moving up to the CFL. Whether he takes a ST coordinator job, at best an OC with running a pro offense with Quinlan or a position coach WR coach. He did play in the CFL for a few years so he does have that advantage as well.
I dont know if I would trust Popp the weazel as well if I were Quinlan but if Steph P went to the Argos as ST or REC/QB coach with Milanovich as a QB coach TOR may see the benefit in having a potential Canadian QB.
Even if they sign him to a real contract of minimum standards and place him on the 9 game IR for the season. This would certainly be in line with other potential first year CFL QBs as well as first year Canadian rookies with potential