Hey B.C. fans are you willing to give up Casey???

To all you B.C. fans and fans of the CFL alike. Who thinks that Printers deserves a starting job. Like I know that he's injured. But his shoulder cant be that bad anymore. Casey Printers is an amazing QB and as the league MVP last year I think he deserves to start. He will eventually be 100% and when that happens hes gonna want to start. And when he wants to start what Wally going to do??? I mean Dave is having an amazing season. If you ask me hes probably one of the best QB's in the league right now. But when Printers is completly better. He going to want to start. Hes not gonna put up with being on the sidelines for very long. Hes not that kind of guy. Hes got the talent and he knows it. So B.C. are u willing to give printers to us (the tiger cats) and at least let him play. If i were the coach and owner of the team id give you pretty much anybody for him. He could be the savior of our not so good team. Plus he would solve our QB woes.

He is not gonna put up with sitting on the sidlines!!!!!
What is he going to do? Run out on the field and play anyway.

He will be on the bench till his contract expires or DD gets hurt. Whichever comes first

Ya speaking of his contract. When does it end??

This is the last year of his current contract

no i think their willing to give up dave for craig yeast and mcmanus(for a back up) and their you go, casey fites in great with B.C. and i dont know but im sure their both top CFL QBs and will both be playing on other teams befor the end of the year and starting!

Dickenson has a no trade clause

wow really, well then i dont know what i would do!

[b]Casey is a free agent after this year. He has been saying for awhile now that he is ready to play, but it looks like DD wouild have to go down for this to happen. Either that or the Lions will have to be so far ahead in a game or so far behind that Printers gets his chance like most backup QB's in the league looking for a little playing time. What's that? Oh yeah......he's the league MVP. :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

My point is that the closer the season gets to the end the more Printers stock goes up. If we lose him I will personally wear a Buono sucks t-shirt. It's interesting how Buono said angrily in the half-time interview that DD is holding onto the ball too long and it's his own fault he gets sacked. After the game when DD was interviewed and Buono's critical comments were brought up, DD said he is a veteran and basically trusts his own judgement on the field. You could tell he was ticked off at Buono's public comment.

Gee I wonder if any other team in the CFL could use an MVP like Printers to hold for the field goal kicker. :twisted: [/b]

Casey Printers, Jason Maas holding for the place kickers.. Tee Martin starting.. Burris a stamp and shredding the Riders... Who would of thought at this time last year..

Like Printers, Maas won’t be content to hold a clipboard and a kicking tee for much longer. Somethings gonna give sooner or later. Interesting to see if the Eskimos go looking for a running game via a package deal for Maas.

ack.. wrong button lol

AGREE..... Printers and Mass have proved they are starters and both will probably play somewheres else.. sooner the better I say.. these two talented quarterbacks are rotting on the side lines, while teams like Hamilton wallow in mediocrity.
Just think BC fans when Printers leaves you too can make your own BOO Printers T shirts!!!!!!!!!

Ticats don't need a quarterback as much as they need receivers that can actually catch a ball. They were pathetic in the game against B.C. Poor Danny Mac gave a good showing in that game, all for nothing. While I realize his limitations, you must also confess that things would be a lot better if the guys would start catching the passes that they are now letting slip right through their hands.

The last interception was right in his hands alright..I have seen him throw more BAD balls at the end of the game then anyone else ever.

Tell your recievers to learn how to catch first...but i still dont want that trade
Got Printers? :smiley:

Maybe Danny Mac thinks that when you're in the 2 min drill it's mandatory to throw at least one interception. It's happened every time this year.

I'd hate to be a Ti-Cat fan, soon as a drive is being put together, just when it looks like the game might be tied up, Danny ends it with a pick.

Printers can stay on the bench...it will........

a) give him bench sitting experience if he ever goes to the NFL, as its all he will be doing

b) make him chnage his mind about going to the NFL and decide to take a pay cut and play somewhere where he can start

Ticats Fan 86.... I'm not sure you have enough quality players to ship out West for Casey! :stuck_out_tongue: Actually BC isn't ready to part with Printers yet. There was an interesting comment on the radio a few weeks ago, about Dave Dickinson having property in Calgary. His brother is coaching in Calgary. Perhaps DD could end up there after the season if they sign Printers to a long term deal.